Joe Magyer’s Convention Journal

Since Joe Magyer did such a fantastic job reporting back what he was seeing at this year’s Libertarian National Convention in Portland, I wanted to create a centralized page of links to his reports. In case you haven’t been reading along and you feel a bit lost by all of the material that’s been posted, here’s a very quick guide organized by day.

I wrote the little one-sentence blurbs, they are not complete descriptions of the content of each report but rather meant to give you a rough idea of what topics are mentioned within the item.

If you have the chance, Joe’s blog The American Politic is well worth checking out and adding to your favorites list. If you operate your own site and you enjoyed his coverage this weekend, maybe you could give him a link or mention as well… just to help him get things rolling.

—————- DAY ONE ————————————

Day One – Part One: Joe arrives in Portland and begins to size things up.

Day One – Part Two: Exploring the convention site and an LRC meeting.

Day One – Part Three: More impressions on conventiongoers as the opening reception begins.

—————- DAY TWO ————————————

Day Two – Part One: Covers the end of Friday night and the start of the session on Saturday morning.

Day Two – Part Two: Quick update on some party business and a few speeches.

Day Two – Part Three: Carl Misted addresses the convention and there’s a fight over the pledge.

Day Two – Part Four: Ninth grader Megan Dickson gives her speech. Minor controversy as late arrivals (including “Starchild”) attempt to become official delegates.

Day Two – Part Five: Debate over consolidating some of the planks in the platform.

Day Two – Part Six: Debate over adjusting the phrase “cult of the omnipotent state” and dues issues.

Day Two – Part Seven: The chairman debate followed by a screening of Aaron Russo’s latest film.

—————- DAY THREE ————————————

Day Three – Part One: An encounter with the Fair Tax folks, more on the consolidation of the platform, and Starchild becomes a delegate.

Day Three – Part Two: A vote on “cult of the omnipotent state” issue and the candidates deliver their speeches.

Day Three – Part Three: Results in the Chair and Vice-Chair races as well as some more speeches and encounters.

Day Three – Part Four: Nominations for LNC seats and the results of the race for Treasurer.

Day Three – Part Five: Results from the LNC races and more on the rewriting of the platform. Motion to adjourn.

—————- DAY FOUR ————————————

Day Four – Part One: Joe encounters a decorated veteran and they talk about Iraq for a bit.

Day Four – Part Two: The Torch Club breakfast and trip home.

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  3. Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » Joe Magyer Joins TPW Team! Says:

    [...] Georgia Libertarian, founder of The American Politic, and all-around good guy Joe Magyer is going to become a Contributing Writer for Third Party Watch. You may well remember Joe from his adventures at the LP National Convention in Portland earlier this year. If not, check out his reports by clicking here. [...]