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Little Movement for Guthrie… Yet

Well, just donating a fortune to his campaign hasn’t really gotten him moving much in the polls. He’s going to have to spend at least some of it to get his message out there.

New poll from SurveyUSA...

Cantwell (i) – Democrat – 51%
McGavick – Republican – 43%
Bruce Guthrie – Libertarian – 1%
Aaron Dixon – Green – 1%
Robin Adair – Independent – 1%

The poll had a margin of error of +/- 3.4%

7 Responses to “Little Movement for Guthrie… Yet”

  1. Phil Says:

    The debate is tonight… once people identify him as the only anti-war candidate in that debate, I suspect his numbers will pick up some.

  2. torah Says: about 3% maybe. I thought the Senate race was a lot closer than this. As soon as that debate is over, I’d be running ads until Election Day…

  3. Phil Says:

    All Guthrie needs to do in order to consider his campaign a success is get 5% – that will give the LP “major party” status in Washington (full ballot access, primaries, etc.). I think he’ll be able to do it.

  4. Phil Says:

    The Green Party candidate, Aaron Dixon, was arrested earlier today for trespassing while trying to enter the debate.

  5. Darcy Richardson Says:

    I agree with Phil that Bruce Guthrie’s numbers will begin to climb after tonight’s debate. According to KOMO News, Guthrie made quite a splash in the debate, which was taped earlier today.

    Here’s a few excerpts from KOMO News Radio in Seattle:

    “Inside the studio, Libertarian candidate Bruce Guthrie provided the fireworks and humor, a counterpoint to well-rehearsed soundbites from the two mainline candidates. He staked out left-of-center positions that could erode some of Democrat Cantwell’s base, strenuously opposing the war in Iraq, supporting gay marriage and decriminalization of marijuana and blistering both major parties for a variety of ills, including the big federal deficit.

    “He also drew chuckles when he said, ‘I’m the poorest millionaire up here.’ Cantwell and McGavick got wealthy in the private sector. Guthrie cashed in all his assets so he could loan his campaign $1.2 million, the bare minimum required by debate organizers to show at least modest support.”

    Go Guthrie!

  6. Eric Dondero Says:

    Since when is decriminalization of marijuana a “left wing” position?

    In recent years, it’s Republican conservatives who have pushed the decriminalization mantra more than any Democrats. Hell, the biggest drug warriors in the land today are Charlie Rangel, Jess Jackson and Louis Farahkan.

  7. Tom Bryant Says:


    Decriminalizing marijuana has been a left wing position since the 1980s.

    While a few Republicans may support decriminalizing medical marijuana, there are many more liberals and Democrats who support that. California, hardly a conservative/Republican stronghold, voted to legalize medical marijuana many years ago.

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