Illinois Green Polls 14% for Governor

Well, I don’t really know what to make of this poll.

Survey USA has Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney polling at 14% as of yesterday. This comes from a survey of 578 likely voters and the margin of error is only around +/- 4%.

Click here to see the results for yourself.

If these numbers are accurate, that’s a pretty incredible accomplishment.

19 Responses to “Illinois Green Polls 14% for Governor”

  1. rj Says:

    So one-off fluke or is discontent in Illinois very high?

    Even if you take the margin of error as making him 4 points too high, he’s still at 10%, and that’s higher than all previous polling results for him.

  2. Chris Bennett Says:

    That poll is rather skewed. I heard some insiders say that that poll wasn’t even between respondants in Chicago and respondants down-state. About 60-65 percent of those polled lived in Chicago, therefore Blagojevich and Whitney got a good percentage of those polled. I personall think Whitney is polling around 7 percent actually.

  3. Matt Sterba Says:

    That number seems a little high.
    However, I think that discontent here in Illinois is also very high. Both major party candidates have been (accurately) labeled corrupt. Also, the Greens are the only other option on the ballot. The LP decided to sit this one out. This is a VERY tough state for third parties.

    “Outside of Illinois, no other jurisdiction in the world requires petitions for parties or candidates in excess of 5% of the number of registered voters.”

    — Richard Winger, Ballot Access News (DEC 2005)

  4. Phil Says:

    The Democratic and Republican candidates both suck – hard. The Green is doing so well because he’s the only other choice on the ballot, not because of some massive Green Revolution in Illinois.

  5. Chris Bennett Says:

    The Libertarian and Constitutional Parties are running write in candidates. The Libertarian is running Mark

  6. Phil Says:

    I would say at least 90% of the voters aren’t going to have heard of those write-in campaigns though, thus Whitney remains the only alternative on the ballot. It’s quite unfortunate they weren’t able to get on.

  7. Peter Says:

    The Constitution Party guy was on WBAP, the major talk radio station, a few weeks back. My Dad, who is a Bush fan, was so impressed that he talked about campaigning for him and plans to vote for him. Third parties could have a real chance in IL if they could get on the ballot!

  8. Don Wills Says:

    Third parties don’t have a prayer in Illinois. If they
    do get on the ballot, the major machines crush them
    with advertising and organization. IIRC, the Libertarian
    gubernatorial candidate got 5% or so in 2002 because
    of the corruption of Governor Ryan (who was sentenced
    to 6 years in jail for corruption a couple of months ago).
    The Greens will probably get 5% this year because
    the two candidates are particularly unattractive and
    probably corrupt. But that’s it. 5% appears to be the
    ceiling for Illinois voters who hate the majors enough
    to ‘waste a vote’.

  9. SurveyUSA Says:

    in reference to Chris Bennett’s comments:

    SurveyUSA publishes the complete crosstabs of every election poll it conducts here at its website.

    The specific poll you’re talking about is here. You can see at a glance that 23% of respondents, not “60-65 percent,” were from Chicago. (For the complete breakdown of our regional groupings, see the Illinois tab here.

  10. SurveyUSA Says:

    Sorry, looks like I created a malformed html tag up there., or the site doesn’t like long links. Let’s try that again: The fully crosstabbed poll results are here:

  11. Stuart Richards Says:

    Illinois is one of the most fucked-up states in the Union for third parties, corruption, anything.

    They’ve even got a “black budget” item-the published budget for the state of Illinois includes everything but the budget for IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation), which has long been used to funnel money to politically-connected unions and mafiosos. The office responsible for government accounting and efficiency in Illinois can’t even touch IDOT’s budget, by law.

    I’m a Libertarian who routinely picks on Greens, but let’s cut the crap. Write-in candidates aren’t gonna do shit in Illinois, and if you ever wanted proof that the two parties fucking suck, well, there it is.

    If I lived in Illinois, I’d totally vote for Whitney.

  12. Chris Bennett Says:

    Well, Stuart, you have a right to your opinion but I will NOT vote for Whitney because he’s an arrogant egotistical socialist. I e-mailed him in response to somrething he had on his website stating that the Greens are a legitimate people’s party? Excuse me? Aren’t the Libertarians one too. Hell, we have been around 20 years longer than they have. Besides, I’m already committed to write in Mark McCoy for Governor.

  13. Chris Bennett Says:

    I meant he had on his website that the Greens are the ONLY legitimate people’s party to ever get on the ballot in Illinois.

  14. Brandon Willaims Says:

    Randy Stufflebeam is not only the only choice but a great choice. He stands for the morals our nation was formed on. He will be a man in power for us.

    And to anyone that would say “I don’t want to wast my vote.” Think of it this way, if everyone who said that took the chance to vote for the right person, that candidate would have one heck of a clance. Think of all the people who say so and so is better than “him” or “her” but don’t really don’t want either one in power would vote for who they think should win. We could bring this county from being the butt of jokes around the world, back to the greatest nation the planet has every seen. Back to the way our founding fathers intended it to be.

  15. David Gay Says:

    After comparing the position statements returned to the Illinois Family Institute’s voter guide, there is only one governor candidate who shares my pro-life, pro-marriage values. I cannot vote against my values.

    Support one-man, one-woman marriage. Oppose government funding of embryonic stem cell research. Support parental notification before a minor daughter undergoes an abortion.

    The only conscientious conservative vote is for RANDY STUFFLEBEAM.

    Ask the election officials for help to make sure you cast a write-in vote that counts.

  16. Mariah Mitchell Says:

    check out Aaron Dixon’s website and the hilarious cartoon!

  17. Jack Spear Says:

    Well all of my friends that voted for Witney and the Greens did so because of the adgenda of the party. Universal Health care, less reliance on property taxes for education, no to the wars in iraq and afganistan and
    strong environmental views. The green party is serious and must be taken seriously 11% can easily sway an election.

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