Lieberman: “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Riding a wave of Joementum that has him up by more than ten points in the latest polls, Joe Lieberman is launching a campaign to seal his likely independent re-election victory by educating voters about the location of his name on the ballot. Lieberman will appear much further down on the ballot than usual as he is not running as the nominee of an established party.

The story from the Associated Press...

Sen. Joe Lieberman is invoking a familiar refrain: “A Good Man is Hard to Find.”

Lieberman lost to Democrat Ned Lamont in the August primary and is running independently as the candidate of the newly formed “Connecticut for Lieberman” party. Because of that, his name will be listed far down on various Nov. 7 ballots around the state.

Fearing voters won’t be able to find him, the three-term senator is launching an advertising effort in the coming days to educate voters about his place on the ballot. In addition to leaflets, the campaign plans to air a radio jingle and a TV ad featuring Lieberman to avoid any voter confusion. Campaign leaflets will feature the “Good Man is Hard to Find” line.

“Obviously, part of it is to get people’s attention,” Lieberman spokeswoman Tammy Sun said Friday.

Lieberman enjoys a double-digit lead in the latest statewide polls.

The Lamont campaign, meanwhile, revised the figure it originally provided for how many Connecticut residents received an e-mail from Illinois Sen. Barack Obama urging them to rally behind Lamont.

A Lamont spokesman had said Thursday that the e-mail from Obama, a prospective 2008 presidential candidate and rising party star, went to 5,000 state residents.

The spokesman said Friday the e-mail actually went to 250 Connecticut residents who are on Obama’s list of supporters in the state. When Obama’s e-mail was posted on a Lamont campaign blog, it received about 5,000 hits, the spokesman added.

Lamont is a wealthy businessman who has put more than $12 million of his own money into the campaign. Republican Alan Schlesinger trails far behind in the polls.

6 Responses to “Lieberman: “A Good Man is Hard to Find””

  1. mark s2 Says:

    While I hold your site in high regard, I find a post of “It’s All About Me” Lieberman to be laughable. He hardly qualifies as a third party person. Rather, he is an ‘Independent’ only because he lost his party’s primary. It is transparently obvious that Joe is all about Joe, not a third party movement.

  2. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    We reformist, centrists, moderate non Republicans and non Democrats of Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] could not agree more. Gulf War Joe and McChicken McCain (post Reverend Jerry Faldwell’s Liberty University ‘kiss up’) are both MINOs, Mavericks In Name Only! We agree with “Mark” 100%!

    Lieberman, McCain, ‘Puke’ Cunningham, Adolph Schwarzen Faker, Pat & Bay Buchanan, John [Geo W Junior] Kerry, Hilary The Anti War Candidate, Rudy Guliani, Newt Lizard Boy Gingrich, a pox on all of their houses! Insincere creeps and power mongers!

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    Bullshit! I busted my ass to get Joe on the ballot as an Independent and am extremely proud of his showing in polls and of his campaign. He will win big on Nov. 7, and all those liberal panty waste pundits who doubted him will have major egg on their faces.

    Nobody gave Joe a chance as an Independent. And now he’s way out ahead.

    Every single Libertarian I ran into in CT while petitioning for Joe said they were big Joe supporters.

    And let’s keep in mind Joe was severely attacked by Lamonters for his support for privatizing Social Security, school choice, Bush’s tax cuts, and for fighting Islamo-Fascism

    Joe Lieberman DEFINES MAVERICK

    I’d love to see him run for President as an Independent in 2008. Maybe with Jesse Ventura.

  4. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home (founded 1998) Says:

    I sure do not see Gulf War Joe as a Maverick! What next, McChicken McCain, post Liberty University commencement, as ‘Maverick’?

    Gulf War Joe as strictly establishment AND AS A MAVERICK? Talk and short——-at the same time? Male and Female———-at the same time? Fast and slow———-at the same time?

    And if Lamont is, by association, a ‘liberal panty waist’, does that make him, like Collie Fornia’s Phil Angelies——a Demo Bunnie, fresh road kill for the November 7th meat grinder?

  5. Don Lake Says:

    Gulf War Joe as a Maverick, when he is a Stepford Neocon in ‘Independent’ clothing. There is absolutely NOTHING MAVERICK about Gulf War Joe when measured against George W Republicans!

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  6. hoodia gordonii plus Says:

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