In Alaska, does one senator still outrank two congressmen?

Dave Weigel just interviewed Mike Gravel. Having spent some time with Gravel a couple of weekends ago and knowing Weigel pretty well, I can certainly imagine the facial expressions and other nuances during this exchange:

GRAVEL: Who would I be a good vice presidential pick for? I don’t know if the Libertarian Party has had, since its foundation—and I say this most modestly—a bigger fish. They’d had Ron Paul and Bob Barr: Two congressmen. Two congressmen do not make a senator. Four congressman, maybe, make a senator, but not two congressmen.

REASON: Except Alaska has two senators for one congressman.

GRAVEL: That’s right, but we’re talking about the powers of the Senate.

REASON: Bob Barr couldn’t have read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record, for example…

GRAVEL: They’d have shot him!

Weigel observed:

As far as I can tell, the last 24 hours of the Dem-GOP race have been about the North Carolina GOP’s obvious ploy to run an Obama-Wright ad and whether or not Jenna Bush will back McCain. The LP race is actually moving.

I’m sure the Jenna line came from Robert Stacy McCain, as both Weigel and I are prominent members of his spam list.

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  1. Mike Theodore Says:

    Alaska only has one congressman? Seems a little unfair to me. It’s half the size of the continental United States.

  2. Stefan Says:

    Stephen: yes, the Jenna line is interesting, was already on CNN 2 times. I remember I heard her a few months ago on TV mentioning her boyfriend (new husband) does not see eye to eye with her father about the war. So I suspect it could be the Iraq war she is thinking about. As young person is open to new ideas and she could also tend to listen to her boyfriend’s thoughts. Maybe the border issue also plays a role as Robert McCain suggests, and most people her age vote for either Ron Paul (and Bob Barr by implication, an anti-war position) or Obama, so it must be either of the two. I suppose it will not be so bad for Bush jr. if she endorse Paul/Barr rather than Obama, but just imagine, it will make newswaves!

    Apropo Gravel: wow it seems to me we have another “elitist” in the race :-)
    Since 1980 till last year he has not been in politics at all.

  3. Steve Says:

    I must agree with the Senator on this one- both issues. Clearly the power of one Senator is greater than that of one Congressman. And, the Senator has certainly done more in his tenure in office than anyother LP candidate, releasing the Penatgon Papers, ending the draft- he’s a hero to many.

    Which makes me question, Stefan, why does the fact that he hasn’t been in the mudhole we call Washington since 1980 make him an “elitist”?

  4. John Campbell Says:

    Yeah, but Gravel was a Senator like about a million years ago. What has he done for us LATELY?

  5. Mike Theodore Says:

    Mr. Campbell, he’s done pretty much everything a broke retired politician can do. The National Initiative sucked his own finance dry. He’s getting nothing back from all this. Even with some health risks, he keeps going.
    What do you want him to do? Be a lobbyist?

  6. Nigel Watt Says:

    Gravel has an Alaska-sized ego.

  7. Mike Theodore Says:

    “Gravel has an Alaska-sized ego.”

    That’s about half the size of a normal ego.

  8. No Longer a Reform Party Member Says:

    In America does five reform parties make one United States political reform movement? More:

    Mike Theodore: Elk and Buffalo and Bull Moose are alternative political party icons, but they do not have the vote——-yet!

    Since many of our problems are systemic in structure, may be the best solution is to evolve the District of Columbia into the County of Columbia [State of Maryland] and cut Guam, American Samoa, the Kingdom of Hawaii, the other Pacific Ocean islands, Alaska and the Atlantic Ocean islands loose and go back to the 48 contiguous states?

    Just a couple of thoughts from the Radical Middle!

  9. Mike Theodore Says:

    I doubt that effectiveness. Although the idea of all these colonies (Guam, Samoa, and the Ocean Islands) makes me kind of clingy in the shorts, I don’t know if they should be removed. I don’t know if that’s what they want, first of all. I don’t know whether they want to be a nation, part of or a state, or continue being part of the empire. I do believe that Alaska and Hawaii should remain states. Structureally, the amount of states is not the problem. The problem is the governance. Alaska, although large, does not have a significant population to support itself as a nation. Would it have it’s own armed forces? That’s alot of land to defend. Hawaii, I can’t see them benefiting from being their own little Kingdom.
    D.C. being a county could be better, maybe help the damned crime. But I doubt it.
    Look, we have to stop trying to create these sub-solutions to solve problems. Removing state governments would help the system? No, let’s try and fix the damned government we have now.
    Open to debate, so give me what you got.

  10. spinnikerca Says:

    Ron Paul should a President make.

    A Senator before I was old enough to vote isn’t even in it, on THAT sort of basis.

    I’m not entirely sure about Barr given his vote on the Patriot Act, but mostly, I’m just not looking completely into him OR Gravel until I know for certain what Ron Paul is (or isn’t) doing.

    But the idea that Gravel is BETTER than Ron Paul after all RP has done over 20 years in office, and is still doing to fight for liberty, is simply a non-starter.

    If RP doesn’t run in November and if Gravel has the Libertarian nomination, it is possible I would vote for him. However, his big government approach is unaffordable given our economy, debt and falling dollar. I would be voting for him entirely on his being 1/2 as good as Paul, on the non-government programs side, when the other candidates are unacceptable.

    There are posts on RP forums trying to show the similarities between Gravel’s positions and RP’s to get RP supporters who may end up at loose ends to support Gravel. However, those STILL pushing for Ron Paul aren’t thinking ‘oh, gee, if only we had Gravel to follow’ or we’d have been pushing for him before. Statements that he is worth two of Dr. Paul are unlikely to endear Gravel to RP followers, at least judging from my own visceral reaction.

  11. Nigel Watt Says:

    On the subject of the territories, they’re pointless. PR and the Virgin Islands should become one state or independent, and Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands should become part of Hawaii or become independent.

  12. No Longer a Reform Party Member Says:

    To Mike Theodore: ‘Doctor Phil’ wants to know [making dysfunctional and dis-systemic] American government[s] work better, ‘how’s that workin’ fer yer’?

  13. No Longer a Reform Party Member Says:

    It may or may not important to Guam for Guam to help disassemble the Imperial, fascist, global American Empire. It is highly important TO THE CORPORATE MISTAKES of America to become a 48 state confederation again!

    Folks call for a Constitutional rebirth. Slavery, no income tax, wooden ships powered by sails, Blacks counting for 3/5 of a person?

    A pre 1886 [Honolulu corporate military industrial take over] would be a wonderful thing for the heart, mind and soul of our distressed society!

    The last two decades have seen a massive KINGDOM OF HAWAII movement in the mid Pacific!

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