Keyes’ Continuing Candidacy

Alan Keyes, fresh from a 3-to-1 loss against Radio Talk Show host and former VP candidate Chuck Baldwin, is apparently still considering running for President. Apparently he has told supporters over at his site that he’s “prayerfully considering” wether he will continue to run for President as an Independent. His supporters are already brainstorming about wether they can capture the nominations of the various Reform Parties, the Right-to-Life party in NY, the American Heritage Party, and the Constitution Parties in Montana, Oregon, and California.

I suspect that Keyes, should he continue his run, will attain ballot access in less than 15 states.

77 Responses to “Keyes’ Continuing Candidacy”

  1. Mike Theodore Says:

    God damnit. Where are his supporters. Theres always a block of supporters that convince him to run in these things. If you can’t win a god damned nomination, or even a senate seat, you can’t win the presidency. Fuck. I just want to talk to this guy. I need to see if theres an ounce of sanity left in his crazy eyes.

  2. bump Says:

    congrats to Mr Keys for successfully making a living by just running for president.

  3. Mike Theodore Says:

    I should run. No one is hiring.

  4. John Lowell Says:

    “I just want to talk to this guy. I need to see if theres an ounce of sanity left in his crazy eyes.”

    Leave ‘em alone, Mike, he’s happy.

  5. Austin Cassidy Says:

    I bet he beats Baldwin in any of the handful of states where he gets on the ballot.

  6. silver Republican Says:

    I hate to say it, but I agree. Keyes probably does have a larger base. Paleo Conservatism is not the majority oppinon among radical conservatives.

  7. Hugh Jass Says:

    Who will be his running mate? Bill Kristol?

  8. Mike Theodore Says:

    Oh, we’re talking running mates here? O.K., I’ll play ball. Let’s just say I’ve chaired my own little search committee. My official recommendation is the Satan himself in the flesh. It seems fitting. Maybe it could “balance the ticket”.
    Imagine me pounding all this angrily, because I’m pissed. Pissed off, folks. Alan Keyes will never go away. EVER!

  9. Christopher Hansen Says:

    Maybe Keyes people should contact the Nevada IAP.

    The IAP Convention is on May 2nd and 3rd.

    I believe I have the votes.

    I vote for Colbert for VP!

  10. Christopher Hansen Says:

    I just wrote to the Keyes Campaign. I am waiting to here from them.

  11. Mike Theodore Says:


  12. Trent Hill Says:


    I highly doubt it. Here in LA, Keyes got 837 votes in the Republican primary. Peroutka got 5000+ in 2004’s general election.

  13. silver Republican Says:

    This Republican primary? No one ever even mentioned Keyes in the media, its an unfair standard.

  14. Trent Hill Says:


    No one mentioned Peroutka in the 2004 General….

  15. silver Republican Says:

    Fair enough. And I wish Baldwin the best of luck, and think that Keyes is completely yesterdays news. It is, however, very unfortunate that the CP has never been able to attract a true higher teir candidate. I probably would vote for Moore. Baldwin is good, but if by some fluke of the gods he became president, there is no way he’s really qualified.

  16. G.E. Says:

    You mean “fewer than” 15 states.

    I thought speaking English was important to you CP types!

  17. G.E. Says:

    silver – Why not? The president isn’t actually SUPPOSED to do much. I’m sure Baldwin would be more than capable.

  18. Stefan Says:

    If I were Alan Keyes and I wanted to stay in politics, I would not waste time and money to run for president, I would rather run for congress or senate. Maybe he can run for senate in Arkansas as an Independent, where the GOP failed to list a candidate in time, if they allow a non-AK candidate or then an area where he has a strong potential to make it, either as an Independent or as a party candidate. If he really wants to run for president, better to do it in 2012 and securing 4 years of experience in DC now. If you are not on the list in at least 48 states, you have zero chance in any case. Otherwise he can form a sort of think tank, act as a political contributor or form his own PAC. If he could not get the nomination with two parties (GOP and CP), what makes him think he can be president even if he can secure another party, like Reform party.

  19. Mike Theodore Says:

    Stefan, your thinking like Keyes is a reasonable man. Look at his past runs, and even his issues page. This is not the work of a sane man.

  20. Patriotic Jones Says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if, after all the turmoil caused by Christopher Hansen in the CP; after all the attempts to disaffiliate the Nevada; that the IAP in Nevada disaffiliated themselves from the CP over the rejection of Alan Keyes??

    Boy, if back in 2004-2007, the folks only knew how easy it would be before they themselves disaffiliated.

  21. Nigel Watt Says:

    The man’s an egomaniac, like Gravel.

  22. Mike Theodore Says:

    How is Gravel an egomaniac?

  23. Trent Hill Says:

    Patriotic Jones,

    I doubt thast would happen.

  24. Trent Hill Says:

    If Keyes ran as an independent,he will have changed his political affilliation 3times in one race—is that a record?

  25. Stefan Says:

    Mike: I perfectly agree with you. I was talking about how I think he should reason.
    Some of his supporters also seem insane, they want to establish a new party and talking about names and running mates (Declaration Party etc.). How on earth are they going to raise millions needed for the ballot access and for a campaign. The people will simply loose their money. You need about 100 m USD for an Independent bid and Keyes need to talk as an authority on the economy and Iraq war. I suspect with both he is no different than McCain with lack of knowledge! How he could expect to get the nomination of a party just a week before, and they he has also not joined officially, or has he? Phillips extended an invitation already in 2002, and he did not except it. After Super Tuesday at the latest it should have been clear to him that he does not have a snowball chance. Best is he join a pro-life campaign and preach at a church, rather than continue inpolitics.

  26. Steve Rankin Says:

    I nominate Keyes for the Harold Stassen Award.

    Keyes’s continuing candidacy reminds me of Stephen Boyd’s character’s last words in the movie Ben-Hur: “It goes on… it goes on, Judah. The race is not over!”

  27. darolew Says:

    Sheesh, it would seem this guy doesn’t know when to quit…though that has been obvious for a long time now. I simply can’t see the rationale for continuing his candidacy…likely, there really isn’t any.

  28. NewFederalist Says:

    My prediction is once the emotions have calmed down he will go away fairly quietly. Even a huge ego has to face financial facts and ballot access facts. This race is over for him.

  29. Eric Dondero Says:

    He could steal some Pro-Defense Libertarian support if the Libertarian Party chooses a radical Anti-War Leftwinger like Mary Ruwart or Kubby over a more reasonable Bob Barr or Wayne Root.

    Still, his Pro-Life views will be hard for most Libertarians to swallow.

  30. Dirty Belushi Says:

    Luckily, those LINOs have been busy stretching out their throats for years, and can swallow just about anything now.

  31. theCardinal Says:

    Not that I can see any real Libertarian voting for Keyes but Pro-Life is not a problem for some LPers. Ron Paul was pro-life when he ran. I trend to the right but I’d rather vote Republican than vote for Keyes.

  32. Sean Scallon Says:

    I hear the Prohibition Party needs a candidate.

  33. joe murphy Says:

    Chris Hansen says:

    “Maybe Keyes people should contact the Nevada IAP.

    The IAP Convention is on May 2nd and 3rd.

    I believe I have the votes.

    I vote for Colbert for VP!”

    The Nevada delegation all went for Baldwin, is there a change of heart? What is this all about?

  34. Brandon H. Says:

    If we are referring to the same American Heritage Party that I think you are, that would not be an option for Keyes. That is where some of the Anti-Mormon & Anti-Catholic person who left the CP went. I don’t see them doing anything to help Keyes.

  35. John Lowell Says:

    Mike Theodore,

    “How is Gravel an egomaniac?”

    Yes, and to suggest that is to treat Gravel like dirt. :-)

    Sorry, it was right there in front of me and just I couldn’t resist.

  36. Ben Says:

    Joe, I’m gonna guess that Chris is being a little bit sarcastic. However, I’m sure that folks would come to hear Dr. Keyes speak and that can only help the bottom line for the IAPNV. I’m just guessing, though. I am told that Chris Hansen did not attend the CP Nat. Convention.

  37. Kerwin Says:

    Keyes has two dozen supporters at the most, most of his site pledgers are duplicates and people like me who had to sign the pledge to gain access to his site (until banned for asking questions).
    Keyes needs to start being a good daddy first and go from there. Perhaps a run for dogcatcher – if he is qualified for that – perhaps he can pass a test or something.
    Basically, he’s a joke, the laughing stock on politics. Actually, did you seem him on Borat’s movie?!
    Most everyone LAUGHS AT Keyes. He is not sane.

  38. Clark Says:

    ...maybe sometime a candidate will appear who understands that the biggest, most rotten, government control mechanism used by the tyrants of this miserable $tatus quo is ‘the money thing’..

    ..perhaps someday you Republicrat ‘in the boxers’ will seek to attain some honest knowledge as to ‘monetary realism,’ etc. that you may finally understand the near-all importance of ‘the money thing’..(it seems that to waste your breath on near-anything else in the realm of ‘politics’ is to prove you Republicrats, etcetercrats galore, as petty ignoramusses, etc..) somewhat of an aside, i recently lunched in the local grille at a table of local bigwig Republicrat politicians, etcetercrats..

    ..several of the goddamned fool Republicrats repeated, “We need more “jobs” in this town!” ..”There are no jobs for young people in this town!”..

    ...i was sitting by the front window whereby the peeling facades, siding, roofs, etc. of several buildings was CLEARLY EVIDENT TO ANYONE WITH was a HUGE POTHOLE, lots of trash, etc…

    ..being the usually quiet, humble, soul i am, i sat through the Republicrat windbaggery and concentrated on the EXCELLENT lobster roll and IPA beer i wolfed..


    ..”IT’S REALLY FEDERAL RESERVE TOKENS (‘dollars’ to most/all you republicrat mullets) PEOPLE WANT/NEED..’


    (that felt good!) ;o)

    (hint for scholars, non republicrats, etc. try Zarlenga’s ‘The Lost Science of Money’ for the best monetary history available..and if any Republicrat knows of a better monetary historian, etc., PLEASE NAME THE NAME..rather than your usual bullshit!)

    (zarlenga has challenged the dinks over at von mises to an open debate on money..they’ve chickened out so far..good thing for von mises’ dinks) ;o)

  39. paulie Says:

    Clark, you are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Perhaps Zarlenga is not worth debating? If you post his/her treatise, readers can compare for themselves.

  40. Richard Winger Says:

    Some states still require presidential primary candidates to submit petitions, to get on the ballot. The most difficult petition Keyes overcame, in this year’s Republican primaries, was the 1,000 signature requirement in Rhode Island.

  41. Mike Theodore Says:

    I hear the Prohibition Party needs a candidate.

    Nope, they have Gene Amondson. He’s respectable. I hear he’s a good guy that knows he can’t win, but represents his values. I actually want to buy his pie cookbook. Like pie. (:

  42. Alarmed Alaskan Says:

    Keyes (on topic here) is a fool. His supporters are lamenting the fact that they cannot even come up with a vice presidential running mate to join him! The suggestions at his site, from the remaining dozen supporters are funny to say the least (and embarassing for him).
    Alan, go home, get a real job. really you need to look at that. People are not going to pay your speaking fees anymore. Unless as a comedian.

  43. Larry West Says:

    How about Keyes / Imperato? He could use his “millions” to gain ballot access for Keyes, and both can lock in the Pope vote. Heck, if they pay me enough money (at least six figures, pocket change if Imperato’s wealth is what he says it is), I would be willing to help get them on the ballot in my state and maybe a couple others.

    However, given that Imperato didn’t get that vote from Florida in the CP VP race, I’m guessing that he doesn’t want the VP spot either. I wonder who he voted for.

    I do agree that both of them should try for lesser positions first, perhaps city councilperson or state legislator, or the position I am running for—trying to be the best father to my children that I can be. In our town, the “County Commissioner” and “County Surveyor” are still elected positions, but since the city and county merged, are do-nothing jobs. Perhaps they can do something like that. There are dozens of the smaller cities that have less candidates than council positions – if they moved to one of those towns, they would be guaranteed to get elected – the City of Poplar Hills, Kentucky, for example, is simply an apartment complex.

    BTW, Kerwin, there is no place in the US where dog catcher is an elected position, but I’m sure you already knew that.

  44. Trent Hill Says:

    “The Nevada delegation all went for Baldwin, is there a change of heart? What is this all about?”

    I dont think there IS a change of heart. Either that isnt really Chris, or he’s speaking only for himself.

  45. Trent Hill Says:

    “If we are referring to the same American Heritage Party that I think you are, that would not be an option for Keyes. That is where some of the Anti-Mormon & Anti-Catholic person who left the CP went. I don’t see them doing anything to help Keyes.”

    Agreed. Neither would the dissaffiliated parties in Oregon/Montana consider him. The Reform Parties would be unlikely also.

  46. Trent Hill Says:

    Keyes should run for something he could actually win/compete for. Some Congressional seats he could compete for. And iv no doubt he’d win a State Senate seat easily.

    At this point, he needs something to point to and say “see, I can win!”

  47. Michael Says:

    To Everyone—How about just important to take a stand against the RINO named McCain. Kerwin—You don’t need to make a pledge to sign on to the Keyes website. Mike T.—Did you mention pie? : )

  48. Joseph Marzullo Says:

    If you can’t even win s seat in Congress (Phillies), why do you run for President?

  49. citizen1 Says:

    From what I know of Nevada Chris Hansen is somewhat of a rogue and I do not understand how he stays the chair. Maybe, that will change at their convention.
    I believe that Alan Keyes is sincere in his beliefs and wish him success in what ever he does now expect for run for president.

  50. Steve Rankin Says:

    At one point, Harold Stassen moved from Minnesota to Philadelphia, where he lost for mayor by a record margin; he also lost for governor of PA.

    Since Keyes has already tried US senator from Illinois, maybe he should next try mayor of Chicago…

    BTW: Stassen, unlike Keyes, did win his first race or two.

  51. Trent Hill Says:


    Stasson was governor of Minnesota. Pretty big victory compared to Keyes.

  52. Dan Says:

    Did anyone hear the Michael Medved show today?

    He was slamming Alan Keyes, calling him a nut case. He said that he was seeking the nomination of the constipation party. After slamming keyes, he said that keyes lost to someone even more bizzare than keyes – chuck baldwin. He said that he was a 9/11 truther nutcase.

    It was brutal.

  53. Trent Hill Says:

    Medved is a party-hack. And no, Baldwin is not a truther.

  54. Michael Medved Says:

    I’m an idiot, Dan. Don’t listen to me.

  55. Lol Says:

    This is funny. Go over to the Alan Keyes forum and they started a discussion about the states in which they could get Alan Keyes on the ballot as an independent candidate. Then the guy responds:

    “Why couldn’t we get on the ballot in every state?”

    Lmao! These people have been Republicans for far too long.

  56. Mike Gravel Fan Says:

    Welcome to life outside the two biggest parties Dr. Keyes. We wish you well.

    You’ve got a lot to learn. Ballot Access. No way you’ll bet on the ballot, Sir…without one of the third parties. Green Party, Libertarian, or Constitution.

    Throw your hat in the ring for Green Party nomination.

  57. Mike Theodore Says:

    Wow, another Gravel fan on this site. I though I was all alone. :D

  58. Kerwin Says:

    They banned Trent over at the AK site! Here is what they had to say (Quoting Tom, Keyes’ Chief Campaign Manager):
    “I banned him.

    This place is to promote America’s Revival, Alan Keyes, and the work of saving our republic.

    Some of these folks may have served a purpose during the run-up to the CP convention. Allowing their presence helped all of our people to understand what it was that we were up against.

    But this is a new day. We have a building job to do, and we don’t need pups around biting our ankles.”

  59. Uber Texan Says:

    None of the AKers will come to this site now as they fear getting slammed and admitting their complete and total losses.
    Funny, I tried to help them in Texas, but they were totally rude and I pledged to Temo that they convinced me to change from supporting them to opposing them.
    Glad all my efforts paid off.
    Keyes….. you lost ….go home….your career is OVAH

  60. Red Phillips Says:

    “Some of these folks may have served a purpose during the run-up to the CP convention. Allowing their presence helped all of our people to understand what it was that we were up against.”

    Trent and I tried to warn them, and they just wouldn’t listen. I told them the interventionist vs. non-interventionist debate was over over here and Keyes was not going to be able to persuade us. They continued to try to convert us. If only we would listen to Keyes then we would come around. It came across as very patronizing. Now Tom says the CP has the Ron Paul virus or something like that. That is another way of saying what I was telling him, although many of us have been non-interventionists since the First Gulf War and the ‘92 Buchanan campaign. Ron Paul just articulated what we already believed. We told them how it was going to go, and they just wouldn’t listen.

    But we are the “pups” now? Did you get that Trent?

  61. Trent Hill Says:

    I did get it. Fortunately for us, “pup” connotates “winners”.

  62. Cody Quirk Says:

    Joe, I’m gonna guess that Chris is being a little bit sarcastic.

    = I believe he is. I don’t hear of anybody in the IAP saying this. Chris also said he’s OK with Baldwin.

    However, I’m sure that folks would come to hear Dr. Keyes speak and that can only help the bottom line for the IAPNV. I’m just guessing, though. I am told that Chris Hansen did not attend the CP Nat. Convention.

    = He didn’t.

  63. Patriotic Jones Says:

    “And I’ve no doubt he’d win a State Senate seat easily.”

    Not in Illinois! He’d be laughed out, before he even got there. He’s like Oberweis in Illinois, his significance diminishes after every race. It’s like one of those cartoons where you see the guy shrink, his voice getting higher and higher till, POOF! he’s gone.

    While he may not have “poofed” yet, his voice certainly went up several octaves.

  64. Clark Says:

    paulie smarmed: “Clark, you are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Perhaps Zarlenga is not worth debating? If you post his/her treatise, readers can compare for themselves.” (END)

    ..paulie, borrow his book, you tightwad! ..or go to where i believe his challenge to ?your von mises dinks is posted..

    ..but DO THINK for yourself, paulie, ..and admit it, YOU paulie, don’t know of even one ‘monetary historian’..and i would bet a bundle YOU, paulie, can’t honestly explain the origin, nature, reality, etc. of those ‘thing$’ for which you and your Republicrat friends eagerly pro$titute yourselves..

    (..i love yanking these Republicrat money dummies!..they ‘know’ more about Silly Ray Montana’s shocking new pics than they do the very money for which they readily french-kiss the anal sphincters of some monstrou$ bankster$ !)

  65. Sean Says:

    Congrats on being a pup. ANY insult by Tom is the highest compliment.

    I was told to mark his words, that the CP party would be judged by God for our vote for Baldwin…. :-)


  66. SovereignMN Says:

    “the CP party would be judged by God for our vote for Baldwin”

    I’m counting on it.

  67. Trent Hill Says:

    As am I SoverignMN.

    Frankly, I’ll not be playing Tom Hoefling’s childish games. Its seems clear to me who is a “pup” in the world of politics. He couldn’t pull off victory for a high-name recognition candidate in a minor party. We won on basically everything we fought for,except VP.

  68. Libertarian Joseph Says:

    Good luck, Keyes. You’re a jackass with no chance in hell.

  69. Question Says:

    Why would the American Heritage Party have animous towards Keyes?

    What about the CA-AIP?

  70. Trent Hill Says:

    The CA-AIP gave Keyes the lionshare of their votes,and apparently Ed Noonan adores Keyes.

    I figure the American Heritage Party, as well as all the dissafilliated parties in Oregon, Montana, and Alabama would all view him as too much of a “compromise”.

    However, the CA-AIP would be a huge stepping stone.

  71. Larry West Says:

    Suppose for a second (but no more than that!) that the CA AIP puts Keyes on the ballot, and somehow Keyes wins CA and Baldwin wins enough states that if he had CA, he would be president, don’t you think that the AIP electors would choose Baldwin, or would they risk putting the election in the House of Representatives?
    I think the AZ Libertarians would have done the same thing in 2004.
    In other words, why worry about who the Presidential Candidate in a given state is?

  72. Alicia Says:

    Because Keyes just wants a pulpit to spew his rhetoric. Nobody wants to hear it except his two dozen supporters. Yet they will try to embarrass the CP proper and be vindictive. It will only degrade everything and make everyone a laughing stock and no longer relevant (like Keyes)

  73. Alicia Says:

    note Noonan’s comments down the page


  74. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    Many AIPers in California, me included, will fight , to our last breath, to keep ANY movement, by ANYONE, to try and put Keyes on the ballot in California. Myself, and other long standing AIP leaders in California,
    (many of us as AIP leaders since 1974!!) feel this kind of talk is absurb.
    Baldwin and Castle won the nomination fair and square. ONLY their names will appear on the ballot. You have a bunch of knucklehead, pantywaist,
    buffoons, with a bad case of the “sour grapes” drawing for straws because their man Keyes lost. I know who these buffoons are and I have completely NO RESPECT for anyone of them. I went to the CP convention
    with the attitude of supporting WHOMEVER won the nomination.
    “THEY” can NOT say that of themselves. I will do everything in my power to keep the AIP healthy at the leadership level, and not in the glutches of a few misfit goons. Our party has faced this same kind of lunacy before, in past years. We will deal with it again if we have to. The California AIP
    (American Independent Party) is affiliated with the national Constitution party period! May God protect it!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAF
    National Chairman of the National Veterans
    Coalition, AIP/CP…,
    Orange County Central Committee member

  75. Uber Texan Says:

    Thank you. Keyes is a nut job who is just an attention whore.

  76. Texan Says:

    “I’ve never known a
    more stout-hearted
    defender of a strong
    America than Alan
    Keyes. He truly knows
    that freedom works.”
    —Ronald Reagan

    Jeane Kirkpatrick, chief UN ambassador under President Reagan:

    Let me just say that I believe Alan is a very remarkable person. I know him very well because he did work for me for a number of years, . . . and you come to know someone well when you see them every day.

    Alan is a principled man of a lot of integrity. He’s a brilliant political scientist—and I speak as someone who has been a political science professor for thirty years, and so I know political science competence when I see it.

    [I] know the difference between somebody who knows what they’re saying and somebody who doesn’t. Alan is very, very well informed in political science quite specifically—he could enter almost any classroom and illuminate it, but especially in political science. I wish him all the best in this race.

    ... Alan has very substantial knowledge as well as experience with international affairs…..

    Sen. Peter Fitzgerald:

    Alan Keyes is perhaps the most articulate spokesperson anywhere in the country. He has few equals in his understanding of the issues or his ability to articulate core values and principle.

    Thomas Sowell:

    After serving overseas as a foreign service officer, he rose within the State Department to become Assistant Secretary of State during the Reagan administration.

    What Alan Keyes has become best known for, however, have been his staunchly conservative views on the family, military defense, and other conservative causes. He has been part of the conservative movement since his teenage years.

    Rush Limbaugh:

    I think ninety percent of the people who listen to Alan Keyes know in their hearts he’s right, but they don’t want to reorder their lives to live that way. . . . [Supporting] Alan Keyes is not just committing to Alan Keyes! It is saying to yourself: “I have got to fix my life. I’ve got to straighten up and fly right, I’ve got to accept responsibility for things.”

    Paul Harvey:

    So you’re less than enthusiastic about any of those fellows running for [office]?

    How would you respond if one of them should give first priority to restoring the moral environment of the marriage-based family?

    Suppose he should say “If you think money makes people happy, just look at Hollywood.”?

    Would you vote for one with experience in government who says that government expanding itself at the expense of family values has been a destroyer?

    Suppose he were to say “Welfare, taxes and education were all mistakes of an earlier era. They didn’t work.” He says only work works.

    “Welfare” he’ll say “discourages marriage and promotes illegitimacy.”

    “Taxes” he’ll say “have forced more and more families into two parent working situations, leaving their children to be reared by nobody.”

    “Government” he’d say “has been planting weeds.”

    “Churches once took the lead in charity and should again. Not just with material help, but with moral and spiritual and emotional help.”

    Affirmative action is a patronage program that benefits too few people.”

    And if this candidate’s credentials include a Harvard doctorate and, as I say, experience in government and if he’s been president of a university, would you vote to support him?

    Well you can if you want to. He is running.

    His name is Alan Keyes.

    We already suffered through 8 years of presidency by a guy with the smallest resume in presidential history. ( President GW Jr did have a $42 muillion dollar war chest and daddy’s name ID entering the primary for 2000 along with being Governor of Texas which he got against Ann Richards at a time most of Texas didn’t like her failed first term.

    Chuck Baldwin ( having no experience in government is a safe bet for the CP party to stand firm on thier platform, but; it’s not going to be enough to grab votes in November outside the base; especially with Bob Barr running as a Libertarian candidate now.

    By the way, Alan Keyes never became a CP member so he only switched from Republican to Independent.

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