Mountain Party of West Virginia’s has new state Chairman and multiple candidates

The Mountain Party of West Virginia, the Green Party affiliate, new state Chairman is Bob Henry Baber, PhD. Mr. Baber is a professor at Glenville State College. He is a published poet, and writer. Bob Henry Baber was the first Mountain Party member elected to public office. He is the former mayor of Richwood, West Virginia. Other Mountain Party officers include: Vice-Chair, Bill Price, Secretary, Karen Grubb, Treasurer, Frank Young, and Deputy Commissioners, Lesia Null, Greg Carroll, and Eric McLaughlin.

Mountain Party candidates: John Wellbourn, and Robert “Robin” B. Mills IV, both running for state house of delegates. Andy Waddel is a candidate for state senate. Klaus Heitmann is running for Berkley county commission.

In the Mountain Party presidential primary:
By apportionment of the votes cast by the 1,000 member Mountain Party, Jesse Johnson received six delegates and Cynthia Mc Kinney received two. These eight delegates were selected to hand-carry their votes to Illinois.

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