Delaware Independent Party faces internal dissention

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The Independent Party of Delaware has been ballot-qualified since 2000. Although Delaware allows two parties to jointly nominate the same candidate, the Independent Party of Delaware has never nominated a Democrat or a Republican for a statewide office. However, on June 19, the party held a nominating convention and nominated Republican Mike Protack for Governor. Protack is also expected to run in the Republican primary for Governor, to be held on September 9. Filing for the major party primaries is in July.

Many party activists disagree with the decision to nominate Protack, including Floyd McDowell, the party’s founder. The unhappy members of the party believe that the June 19 convention was not called in accordance with Party Bylaws, and they have complained to the State Election Commission. The Election Commission says the party has not even filed its Bylaws with the state, which is a legal problem for the party. See this article for more details.

Regardless of the validity of the June 19 convention, all factions in the party anticipate an additional state convention will be called, in August. The August convention would decide whether the party will nominate any candidates for presidential elector, and if so, whom they are pledged to. In 2004 the Independent Party nominated Ralph Nader for president.

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  1. Steve Newton Says:

    For everybody’s information, Protack is a perennial outsider Republican who is still in the GOP primary against the main candidate (former Judge Bill Lee). He’s courting the Independent Party of Delaware in order to have a place on the ballot when he loses the GOP primary, but he still plans to run as an Independent Republican somewhat analogously to the way Joe Lieberman ran as an “Independent” after losing the Dem primary.

    Most of the folks, like Floyd McDowell and Liz Allen, who have been active in the IPOD since its creation, are opposed to Protack’s nomination.

  2. kavips Says:

    Clarification to Steve’s above comment:

    Whereas it is true Protack has been a perennial outsider of the Republican mainstream, he as carried the independent banner for Republicans each time.

    This time the local party has disintegrated under the leadership of its Republican leaders, so much that it has not been able to find a “real” candidate to even make an attempt at a run. Finally they were able to coax a Von Hindenburg type of candidate out of retirement (complete with accompanying kegger cup) to put a “body” at the top of statewide ticket.

    Against this backdrop, Mike Protack has run a far more respectable campaign, debating independent values head to head against the best two politicians (both Democrats) within the state…..

    His website, “A Better Deal For Delaware” is a far more professional and issue oriented website compared to that of his Republican Primary Challenger.

    The valid criticism within the Independant Party of Delaware, is that just the word “Republican” is so repugnant, odious, and disgusting to a majority of those who have fought the other half of the party of decades.

    The other half, being the “establishment” faction which historically supports corporate values and tends to ignore the voice of the people. This establishment view can be seen here.

  3. Open Letter From Don Lake Says:


    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, struggling to warn the public about the ongoing failure of veterans programs, not just more lethal, politicized, uncaring programs that create hack patronage jobs, spend taxes in constituent communities, while doing little or nothing for real veterans, their real families, with their real problems…. ..

    So the folks at so called Third Party Watch have allowed this Independence Party shill to pretend to be a more of less ‘Green’ activist! No wonder Gail Parker and the Virginia shills quit contacting/ responding to Citizens For A Better Veterans Home an d promptly ‘disappeared’ their mailing addresses!

    Frank MacKay, John Coffey, John Bambey, Valli Sharpe Geisler, Gail For Rail Parker, and John Blare, fake, fake, fake….

    Reform Party of Pennsylvania *

    72 Fernwood Avenue * Bartonsville, PA 18321
    www.reformpa. net
    Thomas McLaughlin
    State Committee Chairman

    Christopher Hollenden
    State Committee Vice-Chairman

    January 10, 2008

    Virginia Independent Greens Affiliate with Independence Party of America
    Many Other Independent State Parties Moving Toward Affiliation

    Frank MacKay, Chair of the Independence Party of America (IPOA), Chair of the Independence Party of New York (IPNY) and Executive Director of the Reform Party of the United States of America (RPUSA) announced today that the Virginia Independent Greens under the leadership of Chairman Carey Campbell have reached an agreement to affiliate with the Independence Party of America.

    The Virginia Independent Greens have the distinction of having in the field the first 2008 petition for Mayor Michael Bloomberg for President of the United States.

    “We look forward to being part of this team headed by Chairman MacKay to ballot access an independent presidential candidate who will move this country toward unification and away from the polarization of the present two party system in Washington. Of course the candidate that can do this is Mayor Mike Bloomberg,” stated Chairman Campbell.

    Virginia Independent Greens, previous to this, had not been aligned with any national party organization and does have a long history of ballot accessing by petition Virginia statewide candidates.

    At meetings in Washington, attended by Chairman MacKay, Chairman Campbell, Vice Chairman of the Independence Party of America and Chairman of the Reform Party of Pennsylvania Tom McLaughlin and Tom Connolly, National Director for Ballot Access for the Independence Party of America and Vice Chair of the Independence Party of New York, the Virginia organization became the latest affiliate to join this ever expanding group of independent state organizations.

    Pennsylvania Reform Party like Virginia Independents has a long history of ballot accessing statewide candidates and like Virginia has affiliated with the IPOA.

    “We have many organizations like these petition access states headed our way as well as over a dozen states that have instant ballot access,” stated Chairman MacKay

    “Instant ballot access is achieved when a state party or a group of state parties, i.e. RPUSA, hold a presidential convention of state delegates and vote to nominate a presidential candidate,” stated Director for Ballot Access Connolly.

    “We covered all options to bring together the many states with independent movements for the common goal to elect an Independent President of the United States,” stated Vice Chair McLaughlin.

    Today, Chairman MacKay leaves on a southern tour of Reform/Independent state organizations, several of which have instant ballot access. On January 26th, the Independence Party of Minnesota is holding a meeting to affiliate with IPOA.

    “There is a growing swell of anticipation within the independence / Reform movement that big things are about to happen. As I have said before, 2008 will be the Golden Age for Independence Politics,” MacKay continued.

    “The plan is multifaceted and the personalities, at times, can be difficult but that is all being overcome by our leader, Frank MacKay and our dream to elect an Independent President while establishing another national party, a national party of independence and reform,” concluded Director Connolly.

    IPOA Chairman Frank MacKay — 631-741-8518
    IPOA Vice Chairman Tom McLaughlin — 610-906-2252
    IPOA Director for Ballot Access Tom Connolly — 518-598-4026


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