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New Massachusetts LP Activity

Having previously said that the Libertarian Association had a record of inactivity, I now note that there has been a recent marked change. Both Massachusetts groups have recently put up new web pages, the traditional Massachusetts group at, and the LNC-recognized group at The pages are both bright and attractive.

The traditional group has four candidates for statewide office and one Congressional candidate on the November ballot, including Cris Crawford, whose only opponent is a Democrat. Yes, that’s a two-candidate race for a statewide office, with the Libertarian as one of the two. The new web pages now have the party news on Page 1.

The LNC-affiliated group, which I have heard referred to as the “Unified Libertarians of Massachusetts”, have an issues-focused set of web pages, but apparently did not manage to place any candidates on the November ballot.

In comparing the Constitutions and Bylaws of the two groups, note that both groups claim to be the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts.

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  1. MG MG September 5, 2022

    Pretty neutral-sounding briefer.


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