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Are you a third party candidate? Are you dismayed that issues polling is beyond your budget? Do not lose hope. The two larger parties and their supporters do issues polling, and publish their results.


For tons of thoughtful graphs showing what issues really concern the electorate:

You will have to think to see how questions oriented toward them can be helpful to you, but take a look.

Kudos to Taegan Goddard ( for noticing this. This report was a serious poll for professional politicians, not one of those polls in fairy tales that are allegedly designed to influence the electorate. The message from James Carville is that the current Democratic Party issue targeting is disadvantageous to them. The key takeaway: “Fear of Democratic governance generates much greater fear than what happens with Republican control.”

Readers who think that abortion and gun control are not key winning issues for the Democrats will see their beliefs confirmed.

The pollsters write:
Democrats Must Still Close On The Cost-of-Living

The Democrats have lost ground in this survey from +3 overall margin to even in this survey — and to -2 in the likely electorate. That is driven by Democrats not addressing the top issue, cost of living, where they lost 3 points to be 3 points down and Republicans driving up fears on crime and borders. ​