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Libertarian Steve Scheetz to the LP National Chair

The following letter was sent to the Libertarian Party Discussion Group by PA activist Steve Scheetz. He reports: My message was deleted and I was blocked within 30 seconds.

Dear Chair McArdle:

I am both disturbed and disgusted to receive this mailing asking for money for Ballot Access when you removed Jennifer Moore, the most effective player on that committee. In addition, the LNC oversaw others on that committee leave, and then replaced those people with what is currently there. I am also isturbed looking at the LNC e-mail list where the discussion is currently surrounding the sale of LPHQ.

Why? Is it because there is not enough money to continue supporting Sore Loser Republican Re-treads?

Having donated to National over the years, I also worked 5 out of the past 10 years in state party leadership, with three of those growing the LPPA from an annual revenue of $6K to more than $120K, and being the affiliate responsible for more elected Libertarians than the rest of the nation COMBINED!

My team was responsible for building the most successful affiliate in the nation. Had we been able to continue we would have continued on that upward trajectory.

NOW? 6 months after the “take-over” over 40% of the membership is gone, and the new “team” is not bringing in any money. Neither is National, from what I see from the financial reports. It appears that the new regime is doing just as well as the new LPPA team since the “Reno Reset.” LNC? You made the best players and biggest donors feel unwelcome, unwanted, or worse, you actively threw us out.

NOW, you want us to contribute to your failing committee? HOW DARE YOU?

The answer is NO. Not one dime will be heading to National, from me.

Instead, I will continue donating to people and causes like the Legal Defense for LPTX, or Chase Oliver’s campaign, and the Keystone Party.

Steve Scheetz



  1. Harry Morgenthal Harry Morgenthal November 14, 2022

    True libertarians should break away and start new party. The Mises Caucus should start their own party and maybe even nominate Trump or Duke as 2014 presidential candidate.

  2. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz November 2, 2022

    Given the existence of the committee for 10 years or so since those minutes became available, maybe it would be better if we noted 50 state ballot access, and I am pretty certain that had something to do with the committee based on my interactions with it.
    It MAY be possible to chat with or at least consult with a former member of the committee who just commented on this very thread if we wished to discuss the efficacy of the committee.

    Side note, I could add some of my insights, having worked with the committee in my role as State Party Chair during the LPPA Ballot drive in 2020.

    • Steve, can you give me some war stories on what your people in public office, by office, accomplished?


  3. Jenn Moore Jenn Moore November 2, 2022

    I was removed from the Ballot Access Committee by Angela McArdle for a “conflict of interest.” The interesting part about it is that she made the decision without asking me about the perceived conflict, using information that she gathered from people who also had not spoken to me. The decision was made and relayed to me with no opportunity for discussion. She mentioned that she had instructed people not to attack me. That comment sums up the current state of the LP. The lack of professionalism and basic decorum, manifesting as personal attacks and assumption of motives, has become common place in the organization. The mature intellectualism that originally attracted me to the party is no longer present.

    Honestly, being removed was a blessing. I had bowed out of several other committee obligations due to the legal, professional and ethical liabilities tied to continued involvement. Since leaving the LP I’ve had an incredibly successful and productive year. I also will no longer be donating and am grateful to not have recieved the letter Steve referenced.

  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 27, 2022

    Selling the LNC headquarters? Really? I had not heard that was even being discussed. That would be a big mistake.

  5. Matters Not Matters Not October 27, 2022

    Readers ought to consult LNC minutes from 2012-4 regards the creation of the so called ballot access committee. When if ever has it served its alleged intended purpose? How has it, and how has it not, and when?

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