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Where We Were a Decade Ago

Part Three How Do We Do It?

Part Two gave a list of activities we need to perform. Some activities are mission-critical, others are important, and bringing up the rear we have a few worthwhile activities. Put together, those merely important activities are mission-critical. We could miss one or another now and then, but if we did none of them over a long period there would be a mission-critical failure.

We now move to Part Three. We’ve listed the things we need to be doing. How do we assemble the resources needed to get those things done?

Step Zero: Listen to the Members

Our members are just as smart, and together have far more experience, than the two-dozen people who attend an LNC meeting. Ask people for their advice, listen to them, and you can expect they will be more willing to listen to you in return. That’s why a successful LNC will welcome your advice on this plan.

Step One: Quick Fixes

I provide here some quick fixes, things that can be done in little time to free up resources for other activities.

The first quick fix is information technology, the website, email, and other electronic communications, on which a decade ago we spent more than $100,000 per year. There has been progress on this front, so the available return from this fix is much less than it was then. You could also say that the LNC has been cutting expenses to the bone, so that there is far less flexibility for making changes. The 2010 analysis indicated two things:

One, we spend an outrageous sum on information technology, far too high by at least a factor of two! That was the advantage of having real IT professionals on a slate, people whose private companies have the same IT needs as the LNC. The New Path professionals immediately identified major opportunities for saving money. These savings were being carried out.

Two, the 2010 LP.ORG website was a poor site that did not meet our needs. New Path asked: Do you want a site whose top by-line is almost identical with Dick Armey’s? LP.ORG must change. We are making progress, but we must do still better. The 2010 New Path team had lined up experts in New Media to work with us to help create a cutting edge and, yes, cheap electronic footprint for the New LP. That team included a senior member of the Badnarik campaign team who was happy to remind people that Badnarik’s excellent web sites had a professional core and a great deal of volunteer support. The next LNC should do the same. The current web site has improved a great deal, but you see where we were a decade ago.

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