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Where we were, a decade ago:

The second quick fix: The overpriced D.C. location (then in the Watergate Building) must go. Immediately, or as soon as practicable. A Washington location is needed if you are lobbying, holding press events, or investing in America by buying Congressmen. We aren’t. Lobbying is at most a Worthwhile Activity, something that gives way for the resource demands of our Mission-Critical Activities. Meanwhile the overpriced D.C. location costs a small fortune, much of which could have be redirected to more valuable ends. A D.C.-area purchase at $330 per square foot is an even bigger waste of money than a rental.

Sidebar: How to Terminate a Commercial Lease

One of the 2010 New Path candidates consulted with a leading commercial real estate brokers in the Northeast about mechanisms for terminating a commercial lease.

The Watergate (was at the time) considered high quality space. In most parts of the country there is usually a wait list for such space (provided the rent is not outrageous).

When you breach a contract (and early termination of a lease is a breach), there is a question of damages. Sometimes in leases there is a provision for liquidated damages – pay $xx thousand and you’re done. If there is another tenant ready, sometimes there is no cost at all to end the contract. It varies.

But the bottom line is: It’s All Negotiable!

You never know unless you ask!

The Libertarian Renaissance Treasurer candidate should publicly state that, upon his election, his first stop after St Louis will be Washington. The Executive Director will have been instructed to make available to him all our agreements and contracts. Change does not happen by inertia. Change happens when you take action, and the Libertarian Renaissance team needs to act as soon as they are elected.

Now we apply the zero base question. The arguments for an efficient and inexpensive Libertarian Party headquarters are rather overwhelming. FEC rules on donation-handling become highly onerous if the required multiple employees are spread across America. An office means that your paid staff are all in one location, so they can be shifted from their regular duties to an emergency-priority task. Paid staff spread across America are far less flexible. Paid staff in one place supply efficient institutional memory. A group of paid staff can reasonably supervise interns. An office provides secure storage of records and archives, safe from the vagaries of any volunteer.

The new location should probably meet several criteria:

● Within a strong media market.

● Near a good source of interns. College are a traditional source. Libertarians and libertarian spouses newly arrived in an area and not yet employed are another.

● In a safe area where people can comfortably work late, with plenty of parking for volunteers and staff.

● Near lots of libertarian volunteers.

● Major transportation hub; good airport.

● Absolutely top grade internet connections.

● Remember the Canary Song? It’s got to be Cheap!

Could the new location be in the Washington area? Perhaps.

There are advantages, however, to being “outside the Beltway”. We could say: Washington has failed. We are the Party of America.

What are some possible areas? A few each with their own strengths and weaknesses might include:

● Southern New Hampshire

● Colorado, where the party was born

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  1. ATBAFT ATBAFT December 28, 2022

    How much did it cost in 2013 and what is it worth today? It’s free and clear of debt, correct?

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