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LP Sustaining Membership Keeps Falling — Now with October Addendum.

Addendum: The LNC has issued a draft October membership report. Membership is up a bit.

The September membership report from the LNC is now out. It covers through the end of September
2023-April 15,539
2023- May 15,060
2023-June 14,080
2023 – July 13,620
2023-August 12,728
2023-September 12,317

2023-October 12,593

The drop from August to September is 411. It is reasonable to expect that there will be a marked increase through the end of October.

In fact, from September the increase was 276. Over the previous six months, the drop was more than 3200, an average of more than 640 per month, so the membership gain relative to trend is +900.

There is also a graph of membership against month in the recent financial report. The data in that graph do not agree with the data here. Presumably two different numbers are being reported. We will report the clarification when it becomes available.


  1. Gregory Creswell Gregory Creswell November 8, 2023

    This is my first time on this website. Very interesting….

    • Stewart Flood Stewart Flood November 12, 2023

      Welcome to the “party party”!

  2. JackT JackT November 8, 2023

    What is required to be considered an LP “member”? Is there a dues requirement?

    • George Phillies George Phillies Post author | November 8, 2023

      Sustaining members are life members (paid $1000 or $1500 depending on year), or have paid at least $25 in the last year and have taken the membership pledge.

      • Robert Kraus Robert Kraus November 17, 2023

        However the definition was changed by the Chair – they now do not count convention packages or store purchases towards one’s sustaining membership even though they report these as “contributions” to the FEC. If indeed these are no longer going to be considered “contributions” then they should be reported as “other revenue” in which case they would be subject to possible sales taxes & other state/local taxes not to mention 35% federal tax. Since 2006 these “contributions” have counted towards bylaws sustaining memberships. The ONLY folks who can change that definition are the delegates to the convention via a bylaws change. So many – possibly 100’s, of folks who should be deemed a “member” are being denied that standing.

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