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Tuniewicz Says Chair, Secretary Should Resign

LNC Region 6 Regional Representative Mark Tuniewicz has called on LP National Chair McArdle, National Vice Chair Watkins, and National Secretary Harlos to resign.  He describes the LNC’s financial situation (previous story) as a “dangerous financial precipice” for which the trio are accountable.

He writes:

Todd, [Hagopian, the LNC Treasurer]

Thank you for taking the time to put this together. It’s very much appreciated that an officer is giving us the straight story. There has not been much of that this term.

My fellow LNC members,

While there are difficult financial decisions to be made I believe we also need to hold our leadership accountable for the fact that we have come to this dangerous financial precipice.

Madame Chair, Mr. Vice Chair, Madame Secretary….. I think it would be best if you tendered your resignations for the end of this month, for the good of the organization.

You are the ones who have brought us to this point. There are no more excuses. There’s no more blaming others, as has been done all this term. It is mismanagement and poor decision-making, pure and simple.

Take responsibility please. Do the right thing. For the good of the Party.

We can take it from here.

With best wishes,

Mark Tuniewicz
Region 6 Representative
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.

There seems to be a serious lack of decorum in this e-mail chain. While Mark’s language may be harsh, it is germane to the discussion, as it is his opinion as a board member regarding the content of our treasurer’s report.

Like it or not, the rights of board members should be protected and likewise their opinions should be capable of being expressed freely up to and including a call for resignation.

I ask that you address this post haste, lest it spiral further out of hand. Let’s get back to the substance of our treasurer’s email.




  1. Steve M Steve M April 1, 2024

    Malagon is what a friend of mine would call a negative value added. I would be very interested in seeing the CALP membership and finances since he was inflicted on them.

  2. Mark Tuniewicz Mark Tuniewicz March 30, 2024

    It certainly came across like a threat. Real libertarians don’t threaten violence.

  3. Kyle Markley Kyle Markley March 28, 2024

    Malagon’s childish name-calling in that thread and characterization of Tuniewicz as “a waste of space” is profoundly unprofessional and an embarrassment to the organization. That he is chair of a state party, and a member of the LNC, speaks poorly of those who put him in those positions.

    • Sean 'O Sean 'O March 28, 2024

      Malagon, to Tuniewicz : “Take some time during this Easter Triuum to thank God the meeting next week isn’t in-person.”

      Would a reasonable person consider that to constitute a threat of violence? The clear implication is that Bad Things would happen, at Malagon’s direction, to Tuniewicz, if they were physically colocated. The avoided danger must be physical in nature, since that’s the only distinction between the safe remote meeting and the on site one, and the intensity of the danger/consequences are significant enough to justify on-his-knees gratitude for avoiding it.

      I can’t see an interpretation to that statement that doesn’t boil down to “I’ll kick your ass if you get close enough over the coming week(s?)”

      • Kyle Markley Kyle Markley March 29, 2024

        Maybe he’ll feel better after he takes a NAP. (Sorry, I had to.)

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