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LNC Executive Committee Meeting June 4, 2024

The meeting approaches coming to order. There were at last count 37 attendees.  State topics are Alabama, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and strategy and ballot access (in executive session).  Redpath raises Montana issues.  All officers, at-large members, regional representatives, and four of the eight alternates are present.

Public comment: Andy Jacobs in New Mexico: We are in danger of not getting enough signatures.

Mike Shaner (Alabama) spoke against supporting Presidential petitioning in his state of Alabama.

Justin Carman: Here if there are MI questions.

Move to Alabama signature drive.  Redpath – we need 5000 signatures by August 23. Says Presidential ballot access gives us prestige and recruits lesser candidates.  Says he disagrees with Shaner. Getting on all 50 states would be positive.   Alabama Chair: We have a fundraiser and have raised $2000 so far.  There is not unanimity on doing this. Redpath: To keep ballot status in Alabama you need a large number of signatures and 20% of the vote. (As we were asked, Redpath did explained that the party access petition would need many more signatures than the independent petition that we are using.)

Ford: How much do we need for ballot access? How much do we have?  Revenue for May is up to $460,000. Chair estimates $120,000 in net convention revenue.  Chair prefers to wait until all convention bills come in.  Redpath estimates $75,000 is still needed for ballot access.  Secretary emphasizes that Presidential campaign also advertises the party. Ford: Our ballot access in 50 states is why we are the number three party in the country.  Thanks Redpath for his work for the party on ballot access.  Our near-50-state ballot access improves lobbying in the remaining states. Redpath:  In Alabama people can sign more than one nominating paper.

New Hampshire: Justin O’Donnell assembling a petition drive for President and Governor. Asks $5000 as a small part of the budget. Ben Weir: LPNH put down $7000. O’Donnell was the lowest bidder and knows New Hampshire petitioning. Validity rate last cycle was 60%.

New Mexico: Secretary asks Andy Jacobs be pulled into the executive session  to give information.

Kentucky: Dustin Nanna reports that the state proposes that the Presidential campaign run the ballot access petitioning drive.

Haman: Kentucky chair sent email. He thinks it is unlikely that the Presidential campaign will generate 2% of the vote and urges we spend money on something else.

Secretary asks with respect to Kentucky: Haman: Chase campaign volunteers will run drive and cover expenses above what the LNC is proposing.  Campaign Manager Dasbach confirms his report is correct. Chair reports that there are disagreements within the state about running a Presidential candidate this year.

Chair:I would like to bring in someone from each state and from the Presidential campaign into the executive session.  Secretary: Do we need a fresh NDA? They send one to Dasbach.

They have advanced to Executive session.  I fear I heard the Chair saying that she hoped it would be over in a couple of hours.

They return.  Move to encumber $15,000 for New Mexico. passes 7-0.

Other motions will be on the electronic list.

Chair thanked everyone working on ballot access petitioning.  Meeting adjourned.




  1. Mark Tuniewicz Mark Tuniewicz June 9, 2024

    Thanks to Third Party Watch for bringing much needed transparency.

  2. Michael F Gilson Michael F Gilson June 6, 2024

    Good work, GP.

    I would again urge the creation of an independent PAC to fundraise to handle and eventually abolish petition requirements in the different states and emplace Florida-style direct democracy to that end. LNC and state parties waste so much effort on this.

    They keep trying to re-invent the flat tire…libertarian sin #2


  3. Richard Winger Richard Winger June 4, 2024

    I commend George and Third Party Watch for their excellent news reporting recently.

    • Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 5, 2024

      I concur with that comment. George and Third Party Watch have been quite informative in their reporting.

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