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About 3PW

Third Party Watch is a user-generated publication on the internet covering American third party and independent candidates created in 2005. Our content provides analysis and commentary about third party politics and strives to capture the reality of the third party world and its many personalities. The site is owned and operated by Professor George Phillies.

Meet the Staff

  • George Phillies, D.Sc., Owner

George Phillies is a full-time writer and retired physics professor. He lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with his cat, the world’s largest board wargame collection, large technical and science fiction libraries, and extensive flower gardens. His Libertarian books include four technical studies of Libertarian politics: Surely We Can Do Better, Libertarian Renaissance, Funding Liberty, and Stand up for Liberty.

Phillies has been on the ballot for Federal Office twice. For a decade he served as an officer of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts, at different times as Treasurer and as Chair. He was co-founder of the Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association, Massachusetts’ oldest continuously-existing libertarian political organization. For close to two decades, he edited the PVLA’s monthly magazines, as seen on the web site

Phillies is President of the National Fantasy Fan Federation, the world’s oldest national SF club, and President of AHIKS, the world’s oldest and largest board wargaming society. He edits five SF magazines, namely Eldritch Science (fiction), Tightbeam (reviews, all genres), The National Fantasy Fan (club news zine), The N3F Review of Books Incorporating Prose Bono, and the FanActivity Gazette.

Phillies has to his credit eight SF novels, namely This Shining Sea (tween superheroine), Minutegirls (politics and giant space battles), The One World (Amazon swords against Conquistador matchlocks), Mistress of the Waves (economics), Against Three Lands (not-quite-medieval Japan against not-quite-Europeans), The Girl Who Saved The World (tween superheroine), Airy Castles All Ablaze (more of the tween superheroine), and soon-to-appear Practical Exercise (a magical research university), five textbooks on board game design, a statistical mechanics textbook, a freshman mechanics book (Physics One), the definitive monograph on polymer solution dynamics, and more than 170 scientific research papers, most on light scattering spectroscopy and polymer dynamics.

Meet the Editorial Team

  • Joseph G. Buchman, PhD, Editorial Member

Joe is a retired professor of marketing and telecommunications, having earned a Ph.D. from the Media School at Indiana University (1989), an MBA in finance from Purdue (1983), and a BS in marketing from IU (1980). He is an adventure traveler, having crossed the Gobi, chased six total solar eclipses, and has driven more than 90 percent of the US Interstate Highway system in a 1998 Roadtrek RV.

Since 2010, Joe has been a burner and serves on the design team for the Census (part of the Burning Nerds) for the annual Burning Man event. He has also served as an assistant manager for the second-largest venue at the Sundance Film Festival, as the manager of the largest venue for the Napa Valley Film Festival, and as a moderator for panel discussions at the Sonoma Film Festival.

In 2013, Joe served as the moderator for the National Press Club Citizen Hearing on ET/UFO Disclosure in Washington, DC. He is a past chair of the Libertarian Party’s national audit committee, a past member of the New Hampshire Investigatory Committee, a past Chair (interim) of the national platform committee, the archivist of the David Nolan personal papers collection (which he arranged to be donated to the Library of Congress), a past candidate for the US House (2008, 2017), Utah state senate (2016), Utah house (2018), past Utah Libertarian Party secretary, and a past chair of the Utah LP. Joe can be reached at 435-602-0798,, or at Facebook and Sundance YouTube.