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PRESS RELEASE: Thomas Knapp Launches 2024 Presidential Campaign

Thomas Knapp, Director for the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism and the former 2008 vice presidential nominee of the Boston Tea Party, has announced that he will run for the presidency in the 2024 election cycle. Knapp is running an independent, “write-in-only” campaign.

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GAINESVILLE, FL — Thomas L. Knapp will marked Independence Day on Tuesday with the announcement (via Twitter Spaces) of an independent, write-in-only campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Knapp chose the independent route after decades as an activist, candidate, and appointed public official with the Libertarian Party, and as the Boston Tea Party’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee, on a single-plank platform: “On my first day in office,” he says, “I’ll sign an executive order requiring all federally funded dining facilities to offer a selection of regional foods,” including Springfield, Missouri style cashew chicken, St. Louis style pizza, and others. “I’m about uniting America,” he explains, “and if we can’t all agree that Memphis-style barbecue should be available within a 15-minute drive of every home in this great land of ours, what CAN we all agree on?”

His other reasons:

Knapp’s long-time affiliation with the Libertarian Party came to an end after that party’s 2022 national convention resulted in what Knapp characterizes as a “hostile takeover” by a faction he describes as a “Republican ‘infiltrate and neuter’ PAC.” His current Florida voter registration identifies him with the Forward Party, but he doesn’t expect that party to run a 2024 presidential slate. “I’m mostly interested in Forward’s support for ranked-choice voting and ending gerrymandering, not as a vehicle for my personal shenanigans.” But he’s mostly at loose ends, other than serving on a local government advisory board, “meaning more time for such shenanigans. Thus, the presidential campaign.”

He’s also bullish on write-in voting as such, and wants to use his campaign to promote the practice.

“Until the two major parties started passing laws to seize control of ballot printing and ‘access’ starting in the late 19th century, ALL ballots were effectively write-in-only,” he says. “I’d like to see a return to that, both as a way of breaking the Republican and Democratic stranglehold on American politics, and as a way of screening for voters who pay attention. If you can’t remember the names of the candidates you want to vote for well enough to be able to write those names down, should you even be voting in the first place?”

Write-in voting is permitted in 41 states which collectively award a total 484 electoral votes.

“It only takes 270 to win,” says Knapp. “So I guess you could say I’m in the running!”


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  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist July 4, 2023

    Good for Tom! A good old fashioned light hearted campaign without a boot on his head!

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