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PRESS RELEASE: SUNY Graduate James Speaker to Run for New York’s 26th Congressional District

James Speaker, a State University of New York graduate and former President of its United Students Government student organization, has recently announced his decision to pursue an independent write-in campaign for New York’s 26th Congressional District.

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BUFFALO, NEW YORK – JULY 25th, 2023 – James Speaker, a 2022 graduate of SUNY Buffalo State University, with a passion for positive change and community betterment, has officially announced his candidacy in 2024 as an independent write-in candidate for Congress in New York’s 26th Congressional District. In a bold move to challenge the status quo, Speaker will be running against the incumbent Brian Higgins, with a commitment to addressing critical issues such as national healthcare reform, income inequality, and supporting the working class.

As a Gen-Z candidate with a proven track record of dedication and community service, James Speaker brings a unique perspective and a fresh approach to the political landscape. Drawing from a diverse range of experiences and expertise, James seeks to represent the people of the 26th Congressional District with integrity, accountability, and an unwavering commitment to their best interests. Disgusted by how both parties managed to likely nominate Donald Trump and Joe Biden once again – James is running an Independent Write-In campaign to shift the Overton window to welcoming Gen-Z leaders to Congress, regardless of the political left, right, or center.

Brian Higgins has held publicly elected office since before James Speaker was born – a stunning perspective when you consider the minimal accomplishments which Brian Higgins has recently held in Congress. Per OpenSecrets, some of Higgins’ corporate donors include military-industrial complex sweethearts Northrop Grumman and Honeywell, investment bank elitists at Morgan Stanley, and local corruption favorite LPCiminelli Inc. These groups don’t represent the blue-collar, working-class voters of Western New York; they show how Washington, DC owns the legislative agendas of our elected leaders. James’ campaign is fully self-funded; he will never ask for a donation of $1.00 from you, your company, or your union. No advisors. No staff. No gimmicks.

GET IT DONE: No lobbyists. No policy advisors. No corporate donors – just a Gen-Z candidate wanting to represent the will of the people of Western New York. From day one, I’ll join as a cosponsor on Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, and bills that invest in our national border and national security. Common sense, bipartisan gun reform bills – to address the national horror that is school shootings. I will not participate in the Democratic Party caucus, nor with the Republican Party, but rather work with members of both parties to fight for Western New York’s best interests.

MEDICARE FOR ALL: Access to affordable and quality healthcare is a fundamental right for every American citizen. As a congressional candidate, I’ll advocate for comprehensive healthcare reform that ensures access to healthcare services for all, reduces prescription drug prices, and improves mental health support. By working across party lines, I’ll aim to establish a sustainable national healthcare system that promotes the well-being of all constituents.

INCOME INEQUALITY: The growing gap between the wealthy and the Western New York working class has become a pressing concern that needs immediate attention. I am committed to promoting economic policies that reduce income inequality, support small businesses over the corporate oligarchy, and create more opportunities for socioeconomic upward mobility. By championing progressive tax policies and advocating for a living wage, I aim to foster an economy that fights for the Western New York working class, rather than playing both sides. I stand with unions and labor, and will accept $0.00 in donations from corporations, PACs, or millionaire politicos. In fact, this campaign will be fully self-funded!

PRO-LIFE (FOR THE ENTIRE LIFE) I am a proud, steadfast supporter of pro-life policies. However, the Republican Party has failed in its efforts to promote a culture of pro-life values as inclusive, diverse, and pragmatic. In cases of victims of rape, and situations in which the health of the mother is specifically threatened; I support abortion as a choice between the woman and her doctor. Otherwise, Congress needs to step up and foster a pro-life (for the entire life) environment for our country: making it easier to adopt a child, and supporting mothers who are in poverty or struggling with pregnancy. A national, “Medicare for All” system of healthcare should serve as a historic investment into the middle class, addressing one of the core drivers of income inequality and America’s lopsided, rigged economy. Additionally, I’ll immediately support the full federal decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, as well as funding for further research into psychedelics and other alternative forms of medicine. Lastly, Social Security is to be protected at all costs – with bipartisan negotiations and support.

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