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“The Takeover Has Failed”

The attached file is a summary and analysis of the extensive files leaked from the LNC to Fakertarians.  We received the files indirectly from a party we shall not name.

This comprehensive account by Miguel Duque and Anna Johnson Duque is fully true as we know it. For background, we were among the first Mises Caucus organizers to take over our state party, we were instrumental in helping the caucus do so in other states, and our level of involvement gave us front row seats to observe every detail of the slow excruciating train wreck of internal strife and repeat unforced errors both within the Mises Caucus since before Reno and within the LNC since then. To anyone who would accuse us of putting the Libertarian Party at risk, or Miguel of violating his duty to the organization by telling the truth: we believe the massive opportunity of the Takeover / Reno Reset has thus far been utterly squandered, that this Party is being severely injured by the avoidable mistakes by leadership outlined here, that it’s the board and Angela who have put the organization in peril and will continue to do so with their inability to lead, and that the members will be furious when they learn how little has been accomplished and how much of their money and time has been wasted. If there is any chance for the Libertarian Party to be saved, it must begin with transparency—just like the government itself. We have compiled extensive chat records to back up our claims below.

WHAT IS HAPPENING?? High-Level Summary:

According to the authors of the leak:

The LNC and LPHQ is suffering first and foremost from a lack of vision, which leads back to Angela McArdle. They are confused about priorities and purpose, and panicking about short-term fundraising rather than fixing the root problems or delivering value.

 They have refused to change the way things are done on the LNC, with every crucial decision politicized and stuck in procedural stalemate.

 Behind the scenes they are jockeying for control and cloaking their actions and assertions in “confidentiality” including many things that don’t need to be confidential, as well as attacking Miguel for raising concerns.

 Caryn Ann Harlos (CAH) as Secretary is a massively detrimental force to the LNC; Angela has known this for years and said so extensively in private message, but to the LNC and in public has placated CAH and given her tremendous authority instead of challenging her.

 Steven Nekhaila (ExComm member and chair of the Employment Policy and Compensation Committee) has also undermined Angela to gain power for himself while creating staff dysfunction; Angela has bent the knee to him and let him get away with everything.

 Angela and others who were once consistent and determined about overhauling the party have now totally reversed their narrative and let themselves be railroaded (because Angela is afraid of getting removed). Miguel and very few others have stayed the course. Many LNC members remain quiet about these issues. In Angela’s own words, “I have an LNC that is afraid of conflict.”

 Ultimately, Angela (and most of the LNC) are putting their own public image, cults of personality, chances of being re-elected, and/or aversion to conflict over their duty to fix the problems of this Party and move the needle toward more liberty.

Future articles will treat the revelations at greater length.


  1. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 17, 2023

    Very sad indeed. Just at a time when a Biden-Trump rematch could be forcing voters to look elsewhere the LP is imploding.

    • Jake Leonard Jake Leonard August 18, 2023

      Correction – this administration of the LNC is imploding. This should be enough for Libertarians to take back their party and undo the damage from the 2022 Reno convention.

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