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Editorial: The LNC Drifts into Far-Right Antisemitism

Sadly, especially considering that the Libertarian Party had large numbers of Jews among its founding activists, the Libertarian National Committee and its staff are drifting into manifestly antisemitic positions.  We’ll summarize acts of drift, and present supporting material

Hotep Jesus: Returning to 2021, National Chair candidate (and now National Chair) Angela McArdle defended the presence of Hotep Jesus as a speaker at LP California conventions: “I don’t actually think that someone who’s trying to be a truth-seeker and understand what’s going on — and asked the question about whether or not Jews run Hollywood — is an anti-Semite.”  Asked about Hotep Jesus as a speaker at an LP National convention, she evaded the question.

German New Medicine: In March 2023, McArdle spoke up for the German New Medicine of Ryke Geerd Hamer.  Hamer had claimed that traditional medicine is a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews.  Her remarks were previously covered in more detail on Independent Political Report

The Happy Merchant meme:  @LPNational posted a meme linking the Democratic Party, Ukraine, and financial firm FTX in a three-corner money-laundering scheme (symbolized by a washing machine turning dollars into bitcoins).  The Democratic Party was represented by a drawing of President Biden.  The FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange was symbolized by a drawing of its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, in the classic Happy Merchant pose widely used as anti-semitic propaganda.

Governor Newsom announced that he would visit Israel.  The LNC responded “Even your state Governors show their allegiance is not to those they are elected to represent but instead to the globalist interests of their true masters.”  Readers immediately identified in the comments the antisemitic tone that the LNC invoked.


More background information

Hotep Jesus

At the 2021 Libertarian Party of Alabama State Convention, Mises Caucus LP Chair candidate Angela McArdle was asked about the Mises Caucus’s promotion of Hotep Jesus by an audience member, who reportedly said “So in California, your caucus has invited Hotep Jesus to speak at their convention. He has expressed anti-Semitic views, anti-GSM views, he’s not a Libertarian — if elected to be chair of the national party, would you invite someone like that to the national convention?”

In response, McArdle said “I reject the premise of your question. I don’t actually think that someone who’s trying to be a truth-seeker and understand what’s going on — and asked the question about whther or not Jews run Hollywood — is an anti-Semite. I think it’s a really divisive thing to throw out. Would he be invited to speak at the national convention? I–I’m not planning the national convention, that’ll be up to the convention committee, who they put on. And the convention committee, would it be run by the Mises Caucus? would be run by the Libertarian Party. And I wouldn’t be stacking committees full of people in my caucus or people who only believe what I believe because that’s not an effective way to run an organization, and that’s why we’ve had so much fighting and drama over these past few years. Everyone needs to be represented.”

The exchange is at with the exchange beginning approximately 27 minutes in.  Your author is unable to hear the questioner speak, so I rely on my source, but did confirm that McArdle’s answer, loud and clear, is as reported above.

The source for the question is at – in the comments of that detailed facebook post.


McArdle and German New Medicine

On Friday evening, Libertarian National Committee Chair Angela McArdle appeared on Timcast IRL, a culture and news podcast hosted by Tim Pool. Very soon into the evening, McArdle recommended Pool look into a form of medicine known as “German New Medicine,” prompting a backlash on social media.

“There was a period [when] everyone had that same cough despite not being around each other,” Pool remarked, […] I get viruses go around real quick or whatever, but some of these people didn’t know each other.”

“So I’ll be careful how I phrase it because of where we’re streaming to,” McArdle responded, “but if you want to go down a rabbit hole on health, you can look into German New Medicine, which is a very different view of germ theory and virology.” McArdle could not elaborate further as Pool cut her off soon after, saying, “save it for the show.”

Libertarian social media took notice and quickly responded, with numerous members remarking on the controversial nature of German New Medicine.

“Last night, LP chair Angela McArdle told Timcast viewers to look into a crackpot theory called “German New Medicine.” It was thought up by Ryke Geerd Hamer, who claimed that traditional medicine is a Jewish conspiracy to decimate non-Jews,” wrote Fakertarians, an online libertarian organization, and podcast frequently critical of the current Libertarian Party leadership. “Is this supposed to be the functional and not embarrassing part, Angela?” added Archie Flower, former chair of the Vermont Libertarian Party.


Happy Merchant



  1. Joe Buchman Joe Buchman October 28, 2023

    I’m not sure “drifts” is the most accurate verb choice here.

    Does anyone have an image of the LNC’s America First Billboards?

  2. Thomas R Eddlem Thomas R Eddlem October 27, 2023

    Who are these secret anti-Semites in the Libertarian Party?

    It seems to me you’ve cited several social media posts, none of which was explicitly or deliberately anti-Semitic, a comment by Angela McArdle that was not explicitly anti-Semitic and an agreement to get the views of a social media influencer as a speaker who has some views I’d consider anti-Semitic (but wasn’t invited because of — or to speak on — those views).

    I’m willing to be convinced that there’s a conspiracy to bring the LP down into the anti-Semitic sewer, but you don’t have anything. You don’t have the name of a single anti-Semite.

    Meanwhile, on the other side there’s the whole history of the party and all the heroes of the people who run it:

    • Jim Jim October 28, 2023

      Regarding your editorial link: The fact that Russia fought against the NAZIs 70 years ago does not inoculate the country from becoming NAZI-like in the future. Russia began WW2 collaborating with Hitler to divide up Eastern Europe. And it has certainly already become a fascist state.

      The same applies to the LP. The fact that some early libertarians like Rand, Mises, and Rothbard were Jewish does not prevent libertarianism from being warped into antisemitism in the future. Nick Sarwark was correct when he said that PaleoLibertarianism wasn’t about being racist. It was about appealing to racists. Antisemites are fellow travelers. Open the door to one and the other comes along. When an appeal is made to racists by saying things like ‘libertarianism permits a whites-only homeland’ (Rothbard), or inventing “libertarian” justifications for excluding non-white immigrants (Hoppe), antisemites are going to come along, whether the person making the appeal to racists is Jewish or not. And some present day Jewish libertarians have no objection to appealing to racists. Walter Block continues to contribute to Lew Rockwell’s site even though Rockwell has used his site to provide links to articles on Stormfront.

      I haven’t been able to verify whether or not this was real or faked:

      But, this one is real:

      Who do you think that draws into the party?

      • Root's Teeth Are Awesome Root's Teeth Are Awesome October 29, 2023

        The fact that some early libertarians like Rand…

        Ayn Rand hated libertarians. She called them “a random collection of hippies of the right.” She never endorsed an LP candidate. She endorsed Ford in 1976.

        She would especially have hated being called a libertarian. She went to great pains to distinguish Objectivism from libertarianism.

        She considered the former to be a rational philosophy with morally objective values. The latter was for whim-worshipers; the freedom to follow any values, rational or irrational, moral or immoral.

        Yes, many libertarians admire Rand. This admiration was not reciprocated.

        • Jim Jim October 29, 2023

          I know. Rand’s inability to see how Objectivism was a type of libertarianism just proves she wasn’t entirely as rational as she believed. Her emotions ruled her thinking in that area. It’s the same sort of Narcissism of Small Differences problem that socialists suffer from, which is one reason why there are always a dozen varieties of Socialist parties.

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