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Liberal Party USA Emerges

The Liberal Party USA has surfaced after an organizational period. It claims affiliates in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico.The lead effort is apparently driven by former Libertarian Party supporters who are moving away from that organization.

Its web pages at currently present the organizing principles that will be used to generate its bylaws, a statement of principles, and a set of classical liberal platform positions.


  1. George Phillies George Phillies Post author | June 7, 2024

    To the six states noted above, add Missouri and Oregon.

    At last report, the Liberal Party did not plan to run a Presidential candidate this year, but apparently the Massachusetts Party as substantially controlled by the Liberal Party affiliate will run Chase-Ter Maat.

    • Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 8, 2024

      How would this assist them?

  2. José C José C June 5, 2024

    In light of what happened at the Libertarian Party national convention and what is happing in Montana, etc. is the Liberal Party USA considering have a candidate for president?

    • SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly June 6, 2024

      The NM LP, which “owns its own” ballot access line, nominated Mapstead by primary Tuesday.

  3. Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 5, 2024

    Is the Chase-Ter Maat ticket not satisfactory to them?

    • SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly June 5, 2024

      Walter, I’m guessing they’re focused on the future as much or more than the present. That said, via BAN, New Mexico primaried yesterday, and the NM Libertarians chose Mapstead (who was the only candidate).

      For 2024, I’ll assume that whoever gets the nomination in other state LPs who hold the LP ballot access line, like NM, that candidate is the candidate for this year.

    • Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp June 6, 2024

      To the extent that the Liberal Party is related to Project Liberal — and there does seem to be SOME relationship — it’s probably worth looking at the latter’s demands (found here:

      In the first phase of this plan, we will organize delegates and coordinate efforts to achieve the following reforms to the Libertarian Party:

      1. Fully disaffiliate the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. Disaffiliate any other state affiliate engaged in repugnant, illiberal messaging.

      2. Pass our transformative package of bylaw amendments that decentralizes the Libertarian National Committee, increases ethical standards, increases member control, rejects bigotry within the party, and reorients the party’s focus to winning elections.

      3. Nominate Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates who advocate liberal values.

      4. Remove the current Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer from the National Committee.

      5. Form a committee to explore a rebrand of the party.

      We are willing to work within the historic structure and allocate resources to the Libertarian Party and its liberal candidates during the 2024 election, but only if the party adopts these items before the end of the upcoming 2024 convention (May 27, 2024).

      Should this fail to occur, these resources will be redirected to liberal candidates regardless of party, while simultaneously supporting efforts to establish a new political home for liberals.

      Of those 5 goals, one (number 3) seems to have been reasonably met and another (number 4) was half-met (the chair and secretary were re-elected, the vice-chair and treasurer were replaced). So well short of what was required to prevent the “establish[ment of] a new political home for liberals.”

    • Jeff Davidson Jeff Davidson June 6, 2024

      This effort was underway long before Oliver was nominated. It’s more of an effort to build a true liberal party in the classical sense, and oppose the illiberalism that has infested not just the LP but the major parties as well.

      • Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 12, 2024

        “a true liberal party in the classical sense”

        What would that look like?

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