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Editorial: Political War to the Knife

Addendum: Indeed, in Idaho the Mises faction of the Libertarian Party has used the fact that they are recognized by the LNC to persuade the Idaho Secretary of State to recognize them as the valid State Committee. The time for Mises opponents to form their own national organization is yesterday.

The contest between the Mises and non-Mises factions within the Libertarian party has now reached the stage of war to the knife.  It should be clear that the objective of the Mises factions is not so much to defeat their opponents as it is, figuratively speaking, to destroy their opponents, at least as people controlling state and local groups within the Libertarian party. 

We may readily go down the list of recent events. The Delaware party had two factions; the LNC chose to recognize the Mises faction. The Massachusetts Association had two factions; the LNC chose to recognize the Mises faction. (Note that neither of these factions is the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts.)  Irregularities were alleged against the New Mexico and Idaho parties. The New Mexico party chose to disaffiliate before action could be taken against it by the LNC. The Idaho party will face interesting issues at a future LNC meeting.   The Pennsylvania party was taken over by the Mises faction by virtue of bringing in more voters than its opponents; the opposition left the Libertarian Party to form the Pennsylvania Keystone Party.

Now the LNC has weaponized its affiliation position in order to attack an opposing state committee.  In Delaware, it presented to the state government the argument that its faction was the faction recognized by the national organization, and should therefore be the organization recognized by the state.  The Delaware state government bought into this rationale.

What should now be clear is that Mises opponents need their own libertarian national organization to provide support and assistance to state parties under siege by the Mises caucus. If nothing else, this organization could present itself to state governments as a national party organization that recognizes the non-Mises group as their affiliate.

Indeed, while I was typing this, I was contacted by a supporter of the Association of Libertarian State Parties, now in the process of formation.


  1. Curious Curious August 30, 2022

    Is there any substantiation to the allegation that Heise is getting advice / consulting / funding from e.g. Steve Bannon, Roger Stone etc?

  2. NewFederalist NewFederalist August 28, 2022

    Well, well, well… if the intent of the Mises caucus is to take down a 50 year old party with excellent ballot access, it would appear their plan is working. I just wonder… why?

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