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Foundational Debate Freedom and Prosperity Party Part 3

[Editor: Publius Valerius has sent us Part III of his, her, their, or its proposals for a new party.  (“Its”?  Under modern conditions, the possibility that Publius Valerius is an Artificial Intelligence cannot be completely ruled out.)]

To deal with the people who are not welcome, since there is a general tendency of small political parties to attract to their colors all sorts of crackpots, the party should have a Membership Filtration Committee. This committee should review carefully membership applications and confirm that applicants are not people with whom party members would not wish to associate. Membership filtration is much better known in contemporary Germany, where most political parties of any size do filtration to exclude Nazis and neo-Nazis from their ranks. The Filtration Committee would also serve to identify people who are not recognized as being unwelcome, but who after joining stood up for the various crackpot opinions that are not welcome in the party.

Fifth, political parties, especially new political parties, need to be run by the people who are actually doing work. How do we identify these people? Several choices, all valid.  They have recently run for office. They have collected large numbers of signatures to put people on the ballot. They have volunteered for party office, and are visibly doing actual work that supports the party. They are large donors. By large donor, I mean someone who is  in the four digit range, not someone who tosses twenty-five dollars into the mail every year. These are the people who are allowed to attend political conventions and vote on platform proposals and officer elections.

Sixth, Roberts Rules of Order has turned into an object to be gamed by people who have spent much time studying its arcana. Notwithstanding the best intentions of its supporters, it appears to have become in substantial part of vehicle for parliamentary tomfoolery.  It is not fit for purpose.

At some point, supporters of the new party need to come together, either in person or electronically, to constitute an organizing committee and draft more detailed bylaws.

Enough of organization.  What about positions?

First, as shields against takeover by far left or far right factions, not to mention that the positions are totally sound, the party should have immutable platform planks saying (1)  women and girls have an unrestricted right to have access to abortions, subject only to coverage of the expenses involved, perhaps by donation of the people doing the work, and (2) there is an unrestricted right to keep and bear arms, in the words of Thomas Jefferson ‘all the arms and accouterments of the soldier’, such as assault rifles.

“immutable”?  Cannot be amended.  Could be expanded upon.

Aside:  The crackpot groups?  They are of negative value for a new party.  They are undesirable as members.


  1. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood October 13, 2023

    Ahhh…now I see what happened. Back near the end of June I was forced into a “retreat” for a weekend sans-technology (that wasn’t hidden). No politics.

    I had several articles partially written, that I completed shortly after that weekend. But then I got sick with something, and then I got busy, and the next thing I knew I hadn’t written anything in a few months. ARGH!!!

    I have asked Dr Phillies to check and make sure that I am not going bonkers (more than usual) and I really didn’t send them. They addressed some of this author’s concerns, as well as others.

  2. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood October 13, 2023

    I said death to the… And just as I hit submit that stupid voice translator they call Siri decided to get rid of the word death.

  3. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood October 13, 2023

    I don’t know if the author defined a “to the weak” party, but other than being pro abortion and pro gun ownership, there is nothing else to indicate the political ideology.

  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 13, 2023

    Since “crackpots” are in the eye of the beholder this organization is likely DOA as the vast majority of minor parties have been in U.S. political history.

  5. JackT JackT October 13, 2023

    A “Death to the Weak” Party. Sadly, that could do well in this country.

    • George Phillies George Phillies October 14, 2023

      How do you get ‘death to the weak’? An article, or at least an extended comment, might well be of interest.

      • Jeff Davidson Jeff Davidson October 14, 2023

        My guess is that from Jack’s perspective it’s a combination of pro-choice (allowing for aborting the weak unborn) and pro-gun (allowing for the killing of the weaker unarmed.) Just a guess, of course, but from that perspective it fits.

      • JackT JackT October 15, 2023

        The two core positions of this proposed party are abortion and guns. Therefore, killing is the core ethic—killing babies and killing animals/people. This party’s proposed priorities are deeply disturbing, but bloodlust and a lack of concern for life is very popular in the US.

        • Jeff Davidson Jeff Davidson October 15, 2023

          That’s kind of what I thought your view was. The assumption that life begins at conception is relatively recent, even from a Biblical perspective, but it is certainly one that a substantial minority of people hold. Thanks for the confirmation!

        • George Phillies George Phillies Post author | October 15, 2023

          Abortion does not involve killing anyone. You may disagree. The phrase “as shields against takeover by far left or far right factions” appears to me to mean that the positions are there because they are poison pills for far left and far right people, not because they are or are not the party’s most important positions.

          • Stewart Flood Stewart Flood October 15, 2023

            Good point. Of course, that could also eliminate many libertarians from joining. I know abortion has always been a very difficult issue within the libertarian party. I know a few people on both sides of it who can present very logical reasons for their position.

            As you said, it centers around whether it is killing anyone. And it does make a good “poison pill”.

    • Stewart Flood Stewart Flood October 15, 2023

      I thought that the Republican party was the death to the weak party. Weren’t they the ones that wanted to sterilize people in the 1950s? Or was that the Democrats?

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