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Phillies Mails Libertarians About the LNC

George Phillies, who has attended eleven national conventions, and served for years as Massachusetts State Chair or State Treasurer, has circulated a postcard to over 8000 libertarians across the country.

He is grateful to friends who supplied the artwork, the mailing lists, and handled the mailing.

“I am already receiving answers,” he reports. “With a few exceptions, the first postcards were apparently received today.  There are supportive emails from a good number.  There are negative responses from a few people who do not want to hear disagreement with their views.  We shall see where this takes us.  However, over the years I have  invested vast amounts of time and money in advancing our political movement, and I hate to see it going to waste due to the actions of alt-right types.


  1. Amy Misko Amy Misko November 9, 2023

    Thank you Mr. Phillies for reaching out to US LNP members who are disheartened by the McArdle contingent. I am a life Time Member and have supported the LNP for decades, along with my late husband Louis Misko. I recently ran for office in New Orleans LA and just helped LPF sponsor a Training Event in Biloxi MS and local Gulfport MS candidate Glen Lewis run for office State Senate District 49.
    I moved my monthly contributions to LPF and others, after the 2022 convention.
    My question is:
    Who will run to change this leadership in 2024? I am all ears and frankly so moved. ..that I am willing to run.


    Got your postcard today. Good job. Sad us longtime Libertarians have come to this

  3. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood November 7, 2023

    2020…wish that edit comment feature was still enabled!

    • George Phillies George Phillies Post author | November 7, 2023


  4. Stewart Flood Stewart Flood November 7, 2023

    I stopped a few years ago. Welcome to the withhold the money club! (Although I only attended 7.5 national conventions – the .5 being the first part of the 2020 convention held online)

    A brave step to take. You are not making friends in the pink hair mob by doing this.

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