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In Answer to Angela McArdle

Recently, I have on at least two occasions been accused of making false statements about the LNC’s Chair. The statements appear to have been those referring to the pay of the Chair’s significant other as a contractor. Let us examine the record, as taken from FEC filings, which I believe refute the claims:

For August, the report seen in late September: This was the report used in my well-known postcard:

08/17/2023 Employee Net Pay $ 3600
08/31/2023 Employee Net Pay $3240
August Total: $6840

These are identified as net pay, from which withholding and social security have presumably been deducted, so the total for the month is presumably over $7000, as I said.

For September the amount is less:

09/15/2023 ZELLE BUSINESS PAYMENT 2880.00

And for the most recent information, that being October payments:

10/02/2023 Contractor 2400.00
10/16/2023 Contractor 1200.00
10/16/2023 Contractor 1200.00
10/31/2023 Contractor 2400.00

The total is again over $7000. A fairminded man will note from the dates that we are seeing $2400 every two weeks, for a yearly rate (which may not be paid for the full year) of $62,400/year

$2400 biweekly may also be compared with the biweekly payments to other employees. Not in alphabetical order by employee name, these are $1248, $1085, $1000, $1848, $384, $2416 (most recent payment), and $1288. With one exception, other employees are being paid much less than the National Chair’s significant other.

Only one of these employees is in credible commuting distance of the Nolan Building, our national headquarters, which is located in Virginia. Four employees are in Texas.

A rational observer would ask why we have this huge investment in a national party headquarters near D.C., and an LNC which implicitly approves of not using it as our core office space.


  1. Donna M Gundle-Krieg Donna M Gundle-Krieg January 2, 2024

    Love to see our wonderful chair pipe in, as usualy showing us her unprofessional and arrogant attitude. I have never once seen her engage with members in a positive way. How can a party survive with a chair like this?

  2. Angela Angela December 31, 2023

    Lol, I just saw this. George, you still can’t do basic math. You don’t understand what a contractor is, you don’t realize that pay in August covered July’s work as well. You are shockingly stupid and shockingly malicious. And rather than respond to my emails about it, you continue to make shit up in publicly.

  3. Thomas Leonard Knapp Thomas Leonard Knapp December 17, 2023

    “from which withholding and social security have presumably been deducted”

    I’ve never heard of income tax and Social Security taxes being deducted from contractor pay. Those deductions are for employees.

    • George Phillies George Phillies Post author | December 17, 2023

      He appears to have been an employee, not a contractor, at first. That may be a misstatement in the filing.

  4. Building donor, would prefer money back Building donor, would prefer money back December 16, 2023

    They want to sell the building, I seem to recall? I also think I read the money can only be returned to donors or used for another building, not necessarily DC area, because of how the law reads.

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