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Liberal Party of the United States Organizes

In an interview of this Editor with Chris Luchini, the new Liberal Party Treasurer, the Liberal Party of the United States has revealed some organizational information.

The Party has a preliminary Steering Committee, with members Trisha Butler (Chair and Secretary), Chris Luchini (Treasurer), and Robert Kraus (former LNC staff member).  The planned organization includes a Central Committee, formed from donors, a Steering Committee representing states, and a five-member Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be five at-will contractors, chosen by the Steering Committee. The only other task of the Steering Committee is to present Bylaws and Platform proposals to the Central Committee.

Central and Steering Committee members must be serious donors, meaning they have contributed $600 a year or $25,000 for a life membership.

There are currently four state organizations that are known to have joined the national Liberal Party, namely from New Mexico, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.  The Liberal Party does not have an exclusivity requirement, so that a state organization that affiliates with them might also be an affiliate of another national party.  It is our understanding that one or more such state organizations exist, but these have not yet been announced.

There are a number of states in which there are serious internal disagreements, the sort seen in the Republican Party between the MAGA and Never-Trump factions.  In a significant number of states, there are factions, whose stances are entirely consistent with the Liberal Party’s, that are trying to take back control of their state organizations.  If they fail, it is expected that as Plan B they will affiliate with the Liberal Party.

The Party will have a serious code of conduct.  It will not tolerate bad behavior or exhibitionists, especially at conventions.  A majority vote of states will suffice to eject state affiliates whose behavior is unacceptable.

Your Editor asked ‘are you going to be using Roberts’ Rules of Order, or do you want to get business done?’ There was vigorous support for the latter choice. The current intent is to replace Roberts’ Rules with the Parliamentary Rules of Order.

For the current election cycle, the party expects to have one or more Senate candidates and several Congressional candidates.  In this cycle, the national organization does not believe that it has the resources to support non-Federal candidates.

The Liberal Party plans to have an event in Washington, D.C. at a facility in the immediate vicinity of the Libertarian Party’s Presidential convention this Memorial Day.  There will be activities all weekend, and a one-day major event all day on Monday.

At present, there is no plan to run a Presidential candidate this year, though that may change by June.  The intent is to run only serious Presidential candidates who will advance the party, not to choose a name to fill a slot.  The intent is to run a Presidential candidate in 2028 and later years.



  1. Tom Rowlette Tom Rowlette February 14, 2024

    This is entirely destructive.

    If you look at the history of third parties in the US, it’s when they splinter that they start to lose their effectiveness. It’s been a blessing of the libertarian movement that we’ve been able to stick together with one party for the last 50 years, unlike the myriad communist and socialist parties which split into many tiny slivers around the time that their philosophies were most popular. It’s been good for the people of the United States that those disasters happened to the socialists and communists, but I doubt that it will be good for my country that it’s being inflicted on the only movement really dedicated to set us free.

    Let’s pretend for a second that the best case scenario happens for the new Liberal Party. That would be that every state affiliate decides to leave the Libertarian Party and join up. Let’s even assume that there’s no friction to that process. In the 0.01% of universes where that happens the only benefit that you’ve gained is a slightly different culture in the internal workings of the national movement. Even then, what odds do you think there are that everyone at the top will get along? In the entire history of politics, has there ever been a national committee of any party where there were no personality disputes and there was no rancor? It’s part of doing business, and entirely impossible to avoid.

    Now let’s consider the most likely medium-case scenario. The Liberal Party sustains itself by siphoning off about 1/10th of the people who would otherwise join the Libertarian Party. States with difficult ballot access laws have both parties fall short. Competing candidates for President, Governor, and other important races make each other less influential. After 10 years most of the people in the Liberal Party run out of steam, and the remnant fade out over another 10.

    Now let’s consider the worst case scenario. The Liberal Party becomes about as influential as the Libertarian Party right around the time that the original personality conflicts become irrelevant. There are now two parties with the same philosophy whose only difference is organizational structure. New 18 year olds coming into the movement have to choose which team to join and whose candidates to vote for, and there’s no end in sight because there are people entrenched at the top of both parties who are not incentivized to merge them. Another 100 years of the Democrats and Republicans.

    If you don’t like the way the Libertarian Party is being run, the most correct solution which helps set the world free in our lifetime is to be patient and keep running candidates for LNC who see things your way. The least correct solution is to do what’s being done now, which has a huge chance of doing more harm than good.

    • NewFederalist NewFederalist February 14, 2024

      You might be right.

    • Jim Jim February 14, 2024

      If the Mises Caucus considers the only difference to be a minor cultural one and wishes to prevent the worst case scenario, they can resign. Because the other side doesn’t consider it a minor cultural difference.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp Thomas L. Knapp February 13, 2024

    I’ll be interested to see this new party’s platform, but the “serious code of conduct” claim seems to indicate that it’s already choosing to head down the same kind of control freak rabbit hole that empowered the Libertarian Party’s enemies to subvert it.

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