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Malagon, Benner Demand Tuniewicz Resign from LNC

The exchange begins with an apology from Mr. Tuniewicz

From: Mark Tuniewicz <>


Just a quick public apology. A couple days ago, as part of a message requesting financial information disclosure about the CA Black Tie Fundraiser and the Rage Against the War Machine rally, I inadvertently released a brief quote from a confidential conversation. By way of explanation, this came during the days when the LNC was transitioning to a new email system, I quickly skimmed a message that came later in a thread, and mistakenly included it in my other comments.

I’ve always maintained my commitment to the LNC in terms of keeping info confidential with the exception of this one inadvertent release, and that commitment remains steadfast. Again, my apologies to my colleagues for the brief, inadvertent release.

With best wishes,
Mark Tuniewicz (“toon-YEV-ich”)
Region 6 Representative


The response from Mr. Benner, whose words had been quoted, was:

From: Dave Benner
Mr. Tuniewicz,

Even where forgiveness is given for breaking confidentiality, you still refuse to apologize for misrepresenting me and omitting words from the original message to make it appear as if this was some sort of “exception policy” rather than my own personal position. For forgiveness on my part to take place, there must be admission of wrongdoing, which you have not done in this respect.

I am officially asking that the Chair to reveal my original e-mail message (from which portions were published) in its entirety to demonstrate this. Some of the substance has already been divulged, and the remainder would allow the full context to be revealed and disallow Mr. Tuniewicz’s mischaracterization of my words to stand. Doing this would not hurt the party in any way, and would right a wrong.

Mr. Tuniewicz, please just resign. This board trusts Bill Redpath, your regional alternate, to keep confidentiality and not misrepresent others. But not you.


National Chair McArdle responded in a message to Dave Benner and the LNC

From: Angela McArdle <>

Dave, if you’d like to share the full context or any context of your comments, please feel free. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter and respect your position.

In addition to working on press releases for the matter in controversy, I’ve got to work on a statement for Julian Assange (who is in trial today) and get ready for my trip to HQ this week. Reminder to everyone: we have a volunteer team that helps with social media and some paid staff that works on social media as well as PR, but I handle all PR decisions. It’s within my scope to decide who and what we talk about, and I go out of my way each and every time I have an interview to make sure that I mention multiple presidential candidates.

Let’s please try not to have any more manufactured controversies this week while I’m traveling.
Angela McArdle
Chair, Libertarian National Committee


Mr. Benner sent what appears to be his message, as an image retyped into text here.

Madam Chair,

Thank you. Here is the original message in its entirety, which substantiates my words below, as well as my response in the original thread where confidentiality was breeched. Notice that I clearly wrote this was my position rather than any kind of mythical “exception policy” Mr. Tuniewicz invented regarding general libertarian messaging, and that I believed messaging promoting particular presidential campaigns over others should not be done. I stand by all of that despite the mischaracterization.

The original message is given as an image reading

Not Only am I against this, but I believe our policy manual prohibits giving any preference to intra-party presidential campaigns (not ideas, mind you) over their competitors in intra-party races. Specifically Section 2.01 article 4, and Section 2.09, article 6 can be interpreted as prohibiting it, from what I can tell.

This means I would (and have) retweet individual Presidential candidates when they have put out good libertarian messaging, with exceptions for candidates that have broadly called this board racist/bigoted and asked us not to promote them in any way. However, I won’t share anything that could be construed as supporting their campaigns over others – which doing this would necessarily do in my eyes.

All of this said, I believe the Chair has the final word on this one and I work for her (and, by extension, Brian) on this committee. My gut says if the board views the policy manual in conflict, we make necessary efforts to change it if the Chair wants us to do this.

Just my opinion, take it for what its worth.

Dave Benner
Region 2 Representative


To which Adrian Malagon added:

Brilliantly put, Mr. Benner.

I too call for the resignation of the Region 6 Representative and have the utmost confidence in Mr. Redpath. He is a man with integrity who does amazing work.

I’m sorry you were so grossly mischaracterized. Thank you for all of your hard work on our social media team.

Adrian F Malagon
At-Large Rep, Libertarian National Committee


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