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LNC Financials for January 2024

LNC Financials for January 2024.

Total income $110,726.39

Total outgo    $118,340.05

Debts of the LNC $9,135.53

Particularly noteworthy were the $12,000 expense for the next FreedomFest and the $7205 in affiliate and candidate support. The outgo number is enhanced because people were apparently paid in January for work done in December. The total amount appears to be slightly more than $11,000.

Affiliate and candidate support came to $7205, including $3500 to LP-North Dakota for Ballot Access, $3000 for candidate support to Voter Gravity, $360 transferred to LP-Alaska and $345 to Extra Space for Historical Preservation.

Fundraising and related expenses cost $8153, of which printing cost $6657 to Stigler printing, merchandise from Print Connection cost $1397, postage came to $69, with $30 for general fundraising expenses to

Outreach included $60 to Buffer Plan, $95 to CPAC Foundation, and $12,000 to Freedom Fest, a total of $12,155.

Employees cost $42,651, including net pay to 8 employees of $24,643. Employee costs also included $3808 for Social Security, $2689 for Federal withholding, $1805 to Paychex Flex for Payroll processing, $1608 for heath insurance, $891 to medicare, $651 of 401K contributions and match, $453 for state withholding and unemployment, and $62 to Zenwork for tax filing software.

Contractors cost $31714, including $9000 to Attorney Oliver Hall for two months retainer, $7980 to Austin Padgett ($4800/month with overlap to the prior month), $5599 to Matthew Hudson for one and a half months web and IT consulting, $4000 to Paula Edwards for two months of FEC reporting, $1000 to Brian McWilliams for Public Relations and another $1000 to Brian McWilliams as administrative contractor, $1925 to Bastiat Creative for copy writing, $1000 to Mitchell Witchek for advertising, and $210 to Trimark for cleaning.

Software, hardware, and other IT expenses: $6612 paid to Amazon, Astra, Bittitan, Core Spaces, Cornerstone Solutions, Digitalocean, GoDaddy, Google, Joinery, Microsoft, and Zoom. Telephone and Data Services (AT&T, ComCast) came to $575. The website cost $310 to MyWikis Holdings.

9512 in credit card debt was paid to BB&T Truist. Credit Card Fee Expense and Corporate Account analysis came to $5960.

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  1. Robert Kraus Robert Kraus February 21, 2024

    George Phillies cheapest FF sponsorship is only $2k so one must wonder why the LNC, facing a huge post convention debt plus $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in ballot access expenses would spend $12k on this. What a wonderful use of donors funds. I am sure baby daddy raised all $12k of it prior to them spending a dime. Of course it cost them $8k to get that $12k but we already know they’re bad at math!

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