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LP National Convention Day Three

They came to order.  A motion to add two delegates from Missouri was defeated.

Motion to shorten Presidential nominations to five minutes was defeated.

Motion to require Presidential nominations be germane (Mr. Starr made the motion) was defeated

We are advancing to nominations.  Nominees are Michael ter Maat, Michael Rectenwald, Chase Oliver, Lars Mapstead, Jacob Hornberger, Donald Trump (not a member, not qualified, did not turn in any papers), Charles Ballay, Joshua Smith, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (basic sustaining member, turned in nominating papers, accepted the nomination), Art Olivier, NOTA, Toad. Nominations closed without objection.

Objection to consideration of the Kennedy nomination was not well taken.

There are nominating speeches. The nominating speeches continue. And continue. And continue. It is modestly notable that the antiabortion nominator was treated entirely politely by the audience. Nominations continue. And continue. Finally they retire for lunch.  They return on time.

Everett moves to require delegation chairs to allow delegates to view ballot counting.  He reports that some chairs are not doing this. Motion fails.

Short Nominating speech for NOTA.

More nominations.  Rectenwald opens with the Declaration of Independence.  I think this is the first time in many decades that I have seen someone reach the important part of the Declaration, the part that enumerates the causes, and replaces the causes against George 3 with causes against the modern governments.

Another nomination.  We reach Presidential balloting.  Theya re counting.

Hat tip to Darryl Perry, promoted from comments:
The Vice Chair nominations open; here are the nominees (in order of nomination):
Hannah Goodman
Mark Rutherford
Joshua Hlavka

Nominations closed, as always NOTA is a candidate.
Motion to limit speeches to 2 minutes passed.

Presidential election first round, full totals courtesy IPR

Charles Ballay: 21 votes – 2.29%
Jacob Hornberger: 59 votes – 6.42%
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: 19 votes – 2.07%
Lars Mapsted: 122 votes – 13.28%
Art Olivier: 4 votes – 0.44%
Chase Oliver: 181 votes – 19.7%
Michael Rectenwald: 255 votes – 28.18%
Joshua Smith: 73 votes – 7.94%
Michael ter Maat: 141 votes – 15.34%
Joshua “Toad” Anderson: 16 votes – 1.74%
NOTA: 11 votes
Other: 12 votes
Toad, Olivier, RFK Jr., and Ballay eliminated.

They will be balloting on Round 2.  There will then be a speech from Ron Paul and a memorial video.

The Chair invited all under-ten-year-old attendees to come to the front and sit on the floor to watch Ron Paul’s speech..  Her invitation was being accepted. She ensured that her own infant was brought to the front.

We advance to Ron Paul’s speech.  He is loudly cheered. Paul still talking. Paul finally finished.

We are told that the issue with the ‘allow vote count witnessing’ was that the California Chair was not allowing his count to be witnessed.

Caryn Ann Harlos proposes a scheme to get all elections for officers under way at the more or less the same time.

President Round 2
Mapstead 123
Oliver 219
Rectenwald 293
Ter Maat 162

Nominations for Secretary and Treasurer under way. They are arranging the speech order. They got to nomination speeches.


Bill Redpath
Alison Spink
Patrick Mitchell

Caryn Ann Harlos
Mimi Robson
Shawn Levasseur

Vice Chair
Hannah Goodman
Josh Hlavka
Mark Rutherford

They finished a count.

Rutherford elected National Vice Chair.

Caryn Ann Harlos elected National Secretary.

Bill Redpath elected National Treasurer.

One might propose that at least one of the Presidential candidates, beyond the next to go, might reasonably withdraw.  But it will not happen.

President Round Interminable

Mapstead 139 (+16)
Oliver 231 (+12)
Rectenwald 335 (+42)
ter Maat 175 (+13)

Ballot #5
Chase Oliver: 286 (32.87%)
Rectenwald: 334 (38.39%)
Ter Maat: 225 (25.86%) ELIMINATED
NOTA: 22 (2.53%)
Trump: 1
Joe Montana: 1
RFK: 1
Ter Maat is eliminated.  Ter Maat Accepted Chase Oliver’s offer of being his Vice Presidential running mate.  Ter Maat was also asked to be Rectenwald’s running mate.
They are doing At-Large nominations. There are a lot of them.
Oliver beats Rectenwald, but lacks a majority. It appears that Rectenwald is eliminated and Oliver must run against NOTA.  There are loud cheers of NOTA.
Much parliamentary tomfoolery, all due to the time wasted on Day 1 and 2, notably by the effort to gerrymander the convention floor, and the Republican guests in essence wasting the convention’s time.
It appears that the Mises Caucus will control the next LNC, no matter what happens with the At-Large election.
Now they are going to do the VP election.  After 14 hours, your Editor says enough!  Thank the Heavens I was not a delegate.
However, there was block voting in the At-Large election for the five LNC candidates, who all won, and gerrymandering of Regional Districts, so it appears likely that the Mises Caucus still controls the LNC.

As a minor but very positive bit, the convention overran the Gala Banquet time (that was not the positive bit). However, Angela and crew did the right thing, so that the people with tickets who were not trapped in balloting hell got to go in and enjoy the food at a four-star hotel. I did not hear this announced, but word somehow got around.
I did send the suggestion to several people on the floor, who must have been a bit puzzled that I was advocating for what had already been done, but all turned out well for ticketed guests if not the delegates.



  1. Darryl W Perry Darryl W Perry May 26, 2024

    Ballot #5
    Chase Oliver: 286 (32.87%)
    Rectenwald: 334 (38.39%)
    Ter Maat: 225 (25.86%) ELIMINATED
    NOTA: 22 (2.53%)
    Trump: 1
    Joe Montana: 1
    RFK: 1

  2. Jason Jason May 26, 2024

    Your source at IPR corrected herself on presidential Round one, 259 for Rectenwald but the percentage you listed is correct.

  3. Darryl W Perry Darryl W Perry May 26, 2024

    Libertarian National Convention Presidential Nominee Results (Round 2):

    Lars Mapsted: 123 votes – 13.5%
    Michael ter Maat: 162 votes – 17.78%
    Joshua Smith: 62 votes – 6.81%
    Chase Oliver: 219 votes – 24.04%
    Michael Rectenwald: 293 votes – 32.16%
    Jacob Hornberger: 37 votes – 4.06%
    NOTA: 7 votes
    Other: 8 votes – .88%

    Hornberger eliminated.

  4. Darryl W Perry Darryl W Perry May 26, 2024

    Secretary nominees (in order of nomination):
    Mimi Robson
    Shawn Levasseur
    –nominations closed
    NOTA always a candidate

    Treasurer nominees (in order of nomination):
    Bill Redpath
    Allison Spink
    Patrick Mitchell
    –nominations closed
    NOTA always a candidate

  5. Curtis Wolf Curtis Wolf May 26, 2024

    What a shocker that Malagon would not allow the count to be witnessed?

  6. Darryl W Perry Darryl W Perry May 26, 2024

    VC nominations open; here are the nominees (in order of nomination):
    Hannah Goodman
    Mark Rutherford
    Joshua Hlavka

    nominations closed, as always NOTA is a candidate
    motion to limit speeches to 2 minutes passed

  7. Robert K Stock Robert K Stock May 26, 2024

    The LP Conventions have quite often adjourned without finishing the Convention business. The last few items on the agenda are just abandoned and everyone goes home.

    • Jason Jason May 26, 2024

      When was the last time they did not get to platform and bylaws at all?

      Contra Seebeck, McArdle apparently believes there is no hard stop and they can go to 7 or 8 pm.

      • Darryl W Perry Darryl W Perry May 26, 2024

        2020 didn’t get to Platform, 2022 didn’t get to Bylaws
        I’m unsure if/when they didn’t get to both

  8. Jason Jason May 26, 2024

    I’m wondering when they’ll have time to complete all the convention business. It’s looking to me right now like a lot of it will not be done at all.

    3 hours of nomination speeches
    X number of ballots
    VP nomination
    Vice chair election
    Secretary election
    Treasurer election
    At large LNC members election
    Platform debate
    Bylaws debate
    Judicial committee election

    Over/under on how many of these things get done today?

    Time certain they need the room back? Time of presidential banquet? When do they lose quorum?

    Why were presidential and chair debates during business, after a long credentials fight, instead of in the evenings?

    Is it an actual plan to have some of the LNC pick the rest of the LNC and no judicial committee to appeal to!?

    • George Phillies George Phillies Post author | May 26, 2024

      Judicial Committee now has four year terms, I think. They continue to 2026. We get Pres, Vice Pres, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and run out of time. The at-larges are now vacancies that the LNC can fill. At a guess, Angela won, so the Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are Mises supporters. The Regional Reps include at least three Mises supporters, so they have a majority on the LNC at that point. The LNC gets to fill the vacancies. Readers would be truly shocked if they were not all Mises supporters. JC was elected in 2022. Readers may make a reasoanble conclusion as to how any appeal to the JC will go.

      If the Secretary had not wasted a morning with her wrong challenges to multiple delegations, if the chair had not brought in non-Libertarian speakers, and if the convention had continued after dinner on two days, the needed business would have been transacted. But with this path we likely get to see the Mises Caucus stuff the LNC.

      • Porcus Agricola Porcus Agricola May 26, 2024

        According to Seebeck comments at IPR, 5:30 is hard stop. They’re due back from lunch at 1:30, and typically run late. At that point they’ll still have, I think, 3 more nomination panels at 15-20 minutes apiece before the first Presidential ballot even starts. With that many candidates, there’s a likelihood of multiple ballots. Then, if I’m not mistaken, there’s the acceptance speech, concession speeches, VP nominations, VP ballot(s), VP acceptance and cconcessions. With that many Presidential hopefuls, it’s quite plausible some of the also rans will be nominated for VP, increasing the likelihood of multiple ballots there too.

        Given all that, I’m going to guess they don’t even get through the officers. But, Seebeck helpfully informs us all 8 at large Lnc are already elected. Together with the chair, they will have quorum to elect the remainder of the lnc.

        • George Phillies George Phillies Post author | May 26, 2024

          Slight technical issue…You mean all 8 at-large regional representatives.

          There is an alternative. We saw this in iirc 2012 or so. Each candidate for officer or at-large was allowed one minute to speak from the floor, except that the Secretary got to speak from her tation on-stage. Ballot were allowed to be submitted after the convention adjourned until some time a bit later.

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