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McArdle on Endorsing Chase Oliver

Her statement ran more than half an hour. Key sentences, but not a verbatim transcript, are:

I’m here to discuss Chase Oliver.

I’m here to discuss strategy, cry baby quitters, cry baby people who are in denial about the data they probably didn’t look at I’m not going to badmouth Chase or Mike Ter Maat. There’s a lot of backlash about Chase. How did we get to Chase? Dave Smith was our chosen candidate. He was going to run. We had conversations about it behind the scenes. He decided that he could not run.

McArdle claims various people (Amash, Jorgensen) had already decided not to run because they could not compete with Smith. When Smith stopped, he left a vacuum behind him. I’m not on the Mises PAC Board of Director. We talk. We looked for another candidate. Running as our Presidential candidate is a bit of a liability. One reason he dropped is that we treat some candidates less than well. Identifies Tom Woods as one of our thought leaders.

How did we get to Chase? We had Michael Rectenwald. He took beating from the Loser Brigade. He had been a Communist until he converted. Why did we seat people such as the notorious Michigan people? I seated them because it was probably the right thing to do under parliamentary procedure. Washington and Oklahoma were in total violation of their own bylaws, so I said they could not be seated. People appealed my ruling. It should have been a 7/8 vote. But if I had ruled that way, they convention might have failed to advance. We seated a bunch of people who shouldn’t have been seated. That totally inflated hater numbers, people who were anti-Rectenwald. We then had several outside speakers and a debate. Claims that a poll was gamed. Thought treatment of Trump was in some cases impolite. Our candidates responded. Rectenwald spoke poorly.

Sunday: We had 16 hours of elections. Thank you to CSPAN. We had 7 rounds of voting. Mises numbers dropped. I told Mises people to stay to Monday. They did not. She appears to claim that she should have ruled that there was no candidate, instead of the final vote. Chase won. Many NOTAs.

We have Oliver-Ter Maat. We need to deal with that. RFK entered at the last minute, after being warned to enter early. Rumors are true. We were in contact with the Trump campaign. They wanted our votes so we invited them. She thinks Trump will free Ross Ulbricht and put a Libertarian in his cabinet. McArdle notes that Trump looked at our list of concerns and responded to them.We should be happy about that. I haven’t endorsed Donald Trump, but Trump has endorsed us. I endorse Chase Oliver as the best way to stop Joe Biden. We need to do everything we can to kick Joe Biden’s ass, and one of the best ways to do that is to support Chase Oliver and go hard in the paint for him in the blue states. People in red states who want to support Chase, and there are some of you, putting him on the ticket is entirely up to you. That is your choice as a state affiliate. I’m not going to put my thumb on the scale. I’m not going to do anything to hurt the Chase Oliver campaign. I’m going to work very hard to see that he has the support that he needs in blue states. Some red state affiliates are upset about this.

Claims there is polling data that Oliver will not pull third party voters in red states. So we need to help Chase in blue states. Some complications with ballot access. We need to be honest about where ballot access donations go. Claims we are the most powerful voting bloc in the country. We need your support to decide the next election and free Ross Ulbricht.

Support Chase Oliver if you are in a blue state. Help us pull votes from Joe Biden. (She is fixated on freeing Ross Ulbricht.)

So please join my suicide squad. It is a s**t-eating suicide mission. And I am a hundred percent certain: Join the party, help make the Trump campaign better by being a Libertarian Party dues-paying member and sending good feedback to them.

We have a Mises LNC majority again. Thanks people who supported her and re-elected her.





  1. Sean Fager Sean Fager June 4, 2024

    Two proposals.
    1 – Since there’s no longer any doubt or pretense regarding the MC-coup-era LNC pursuing the welfare of the GOP, I suggest we adopt the phrase “Banana Republicans” for them and their diehards. This allows distinction between them and the MC at large, which seems to also have members (~10-30%) who don’t want to proactively tank the party as a party.

    2 – Interested folk pool money, then publicly bet McArdle that an elected Trump won’t actually free Ross. Maybe something in the $20k range. Either she rejects it (and acknowledges that she doesn’t buy her own public pronouncements on why the LP needs to help get him in office again) or she accepts it and we all make some dough. Or, if a miracle happens and Ross is released, we get to claim partial credit (having incentivized her to keep pushing/annoying her boss about it).

  2. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly June 4, 2024

    What Walter said on his second comment.

    To riff on a phrase, McAwful appears to have Trump Delightment Syndrome.

    And, given how many Libertarians have whined about GOP retreads as nominees, I guess she and other Mises Mice figure, if you can’t beat them, join them.

    I will have a third-party candidates roundup post Friday; this is certainly being added.

  3. Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 4, 2024

    If McArdle’s strategic goal at this point is to help Trump by having Chase draw votes away from Biden, the place to do that most effectively is in the swing sates, not the blue states.

    But, as we have seen from her handling of the convention, her strategic thinking is not the best.

  4. Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 4, 2024

    Oh, what to do? It looks like Mises folks are politically homeless in a party whose governing board they control. Another fine mess.

    In his book, Cat’s Cradle, Vonnegut declared that all political parties are granfaloons (pointless associations based on imagined commonalities). It appears that the Libertarian is just another granfaloon.

    As I have said before, the Libertarian party is a MEANS to an end, NOT an end in itself.

  5. Porcus Agricola Porcus Agricola June 4, 2024

    She ignored battleground states, at least based on this summary of her remarks.

    • Walter Ziobro Walter Ziobro June 5, 2024

      I agree. It seems that the battleground states would be where her strategy would be most profitable.

  6. Steve M Steve M June 4, 2024

    Not a word about the impact on ballot access. How much more of a confession that Angela and Mises has been a pro Trump effort from the get go.

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